Lumbar Spine Surgery in India is mainly done to provide the relief from pain in the lower back portion of the human body. It affects the people of every age and it is most often caused by the herniated disc. To provide the relief from back pain the spine surgeon will perform the most important two types of Lumbar Spine Surgery in India which is lumbar decompression and lumbar fusion.
Lumbar decompression surgery of Lumbar Spine Surgery in India is usually performed by spine surgeons to provide the relief on the nerves pressure by removing the diseased discs. This surgery generally recommends in case of spinal stenosis which has been caused by thickened joints, loosened ligaments, and disc herniation. In this surgery, the spine surgeon will remove the small portion of the bone over the nerve root or disc material from under the nerve root to provide the nerve root more space so that it will heal in a better environment.
Lumbar Fusion of Lumbar Spine Surgery in India is the surgery which is usually designed to create solid bone between the adjoining vertebrae which help in eliminating any movement between the involved bones. The main aim of the lumbar fusion surgery is to reduce pain. During the surgery, the spine surgeon will replace the diseased discs with the spacer device, screws, and rods that are attached to the back of the vertebra.
Lumbar decompression and lumbar fusion both surgeries of Lumbar Spine Surgery in India are usually performed through minimally invasive techniques for quick recovery. In both the surgeries of Lumbar Spine Surgery in India, the spine surgeon will make the small incision to access the spinal column by using small and sophisticated instruments. The spine surgeon will then create a tunnel around the area where the problem exists in the patient’s spine. With the help of high-powered microscopes, the surgeon will able to removes the bone or disk material that has been causing the pain in the patient’s spine. For fusion, screws and rods are also placed through this small space.
After the procedure of Lumbar Spine Surgery in India is completed the surgeon will close the incisions and bandaged the area.
The success rate of the Lumbar Spine Surgery in India is very high, however, the success rate of Lumbar Spine Surgery in India will go down for the people who smoke, are overweight, and have diabetes or other medical illnesses, or who have had radiation treatments which include the lower back. However, people can recover by maintaining the good diet and slowly increasing activity as recommended by the spine surgeon during their recovery period which can help them to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure.
The Lumbar Spine Surgery Cost in India will vary with the type of the procedure patient has chosen, however, the estimated cost of the Lumbar Spine Surgery in India is around USD 5500 which is very reasonable as compared to other well-developed countries.

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