Many people want to appear attractive throughout the day. This is due to their public schedule where they appear in interviews and public announcements. People see them on television and so it is important for them to have some kind of makeup on. This is to cover up blemishes on the face, black circles under eyes, and wrinkles.

Many people need makeup

Many people such as government servants who appear on shows and cine stars who act in commercials need to keep their face looking great. This is alright but this process of applying makeup takes time. If they had the means to put on the makeup in a short time it would help them a lot. This is why they have makeup artists.

Speed of makeup

These makeup artists help them become ready for their press conferences within a short time. You can contact them for Professional Makeup in Delhi. They have the entire kit brushes, foundation cream makeup powder blushes and more ready for their application. First, we have the foundation brush. This has a tapered tip with tightly packed bristles. It is usual to wet this brush slightly to spread foundation cream evenly.

Achieve a fresh look instantly

A typical makeover will take 6 hours to complete. But, for usual customers, the makeup artist will complete the makeup application within 20-30 minutes. This will keep his customer looking fresh for the rest of the day. It is worth it because of the time saved and the professional look that the actor achieves. The second brush is a stippling brush. This is light with feathery ends and helps you apply your product of the skin. It makes the skin flawless because their fibers are light.

Use a foundation brush

The next important brush is a powder brush. It helps to brush your face with loose or compact powder. With a good powder brush, you can set and touch up your face without disturbing the rest of the makeup. The bronzer brush remains rounded soft and full. It helps you distribute the makeup by picking up the right amount of color. You get your Bridal Makeover in Delhi for good rates because we have so many beauty salons there.

Cost of makeup

The cost of makeup in Delhi ranges between 6000 and 35000 INR. Even bridesmaids can have their bridal makeup if they opt for a bridal makeup package. This will reduce costs as the makeup artist will see it as a profitable venture and give massive discounts. It is important to have a backup makeup artist ready for the big day in case something goes wrong with the original makeup artist. Some handy make up tips could be the following. Put a primer on after you finish moisturizing and blend it in. This makes the foundation and concealer to stay in place for a long time. You use the concealer for covering blemishes. Use a different colored concealer to hide blemishes. It is best to avoid a foundation with SPF as this will give your face a ‘flash’ effect in photographs. Use foundations with a matte finish. To get a glowing look, use a highlighter on the elevated planes of the face.

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The makeup studio is run by Ms.Pooja Goel, a famous makeup artist in Delhi. Our professional makeover will help in adding charisma to your personality so that you stand out from the crowd. We apply new texture, shade & style to your personality so that you get a wow look.