It's your wife’s first birthday since you tied the knot and it's not a petty occasion. You love her deeply and her happiness matters the world to you but there are chances that you are one of those who don't much believe in giving surprises and putting in extra efforts. That's now how it's going to work, my friend! She out does herself everyday to ensure that you are comfortable and happy and this one she deserves for you to outdo yourself, exclusively for her. Read on the following post for some fantastic surprises ideas and you can thank us later.

Pampering spa day

Since your wife takes care of the house all day and caters to your needs as well, give her a day all for herself to relax and rejuvenate all day. If you are wondering how, gift her an all day spa session and she would surely love you for this. You can book couple spa session as well so you both can take an off from your office schedules and spend the day with each other.

Surprise room decor

While she is at work or out to get some groceries, plan to surprise her with a splendid birthday room decor which she will absolutely adore. Plan weeks ahead of the day so you have all the accessories and decorative materials handy with you. Make sure that you keep it as private and quiet as possible so she won't even get a hint of it. Fill the room, especially the bed, with balloons and spread rose petals and flameless candles Australia all over the floor for a princess feel. Place a few small gifts and chocolates on the beds and use her pictures as wall decor. Nothing would make her day happier than this.

Jewellery pieces

Think of what would look exceptionally beautifully on her and start searching for it online to find the perfect piece of jewellery. You can gift her a diamond ring, a pair of diamond earrings, a beautiful necklace or even pendant sets. Whatever she adores the most should be the keypoint of your search and you will eventually find the best jewellery piece for her.

Candle light dinner at home

What women appreciate the most is the efforts that their husbands put in for them. For that matter, organise a delicious candlelight dinner at home for her. Make sure that you order no takeaways and cook all the dishes, her favourite dishes, by yourself. Also, bake the cake for her birthday (which is quite easy) and she will fall in love with you all over again. Decorate the table well withflameless taper candles Australia as they are safe and longer lasting. Watch cooking tutorials and prepare yourself a few days prior to the big day for the perfect evening

A lovely getaway

Since it's your darling’s birthday, take her to a quiet weekend getaway and she will surely thank you for this ( in a million ways). Our city lives are too hectic to handles at times and so, gift her solace, serenity and quiet by taking her to a cottage within the woods or any place close to nature where it's just you and her and world is far away. Depending on your budget, prefer a beach or a wooden forest shack to cut off from the world and indulge with just one another for a few days.

Apart from this, you can also give her some erotic surprises which she won't be able to resist for a better than perfect end to a perfect day. It's time to show how important your wifey is to you, so use these tips and plan a perfect day for your

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