HGH is the abbreviation for the human growth hormone. The gland that is responsible for the production of the hormone is known as the anterior pituitary, which is found at the base of the brain. The functions of this hormone in the body are many and include regulating body growth, regulating metabolism, maintenance of the tissues and organs of the body, increasing the mass of the muscles and reducing the amount of the body fat. The production of the hormone is continuous throughout the life of an individual. However the amounts of the hormone gradually decrease as one becomes older. The hormone is used to treat a number of conditions including dwarfism, stunted growth and wasting resulting from some serious conditions like HIV/AIDS. In order for the body to be properly functioning, several factors are required. One of these factors that is really essential is the hormonal factor. Of the hormones, one of the more important hormones is HGH.

This hormone is of very great importance to the body. Without the hormone, the muscles wouldn’t be capable of growing and you would have problems with height. Some of the resulting conditions from inadequate amounts of the hormone include dwarfism, stunted growth, short stature and wasting. It should also be noted that secretion of the hormone decreases as one becomes older. This is evidenced by the fact that a twenty year old produces five times as much HGH as one who is seventy years old.

The secretion of the hormone is by the anterior pituitary. This gland is found at base of the brain. The main function of the hormone is the promotion of cell production and also enhancing the growth of the body. Additional functions of the hormone include the maintenance of the organs of the body and tissues as well as regulation of the metabolic activity of the individual.

This hormone is not only responsible for the promotion of growth alone. Some of the other benefits that come with HGH include increasing of bone growth as well as bone density. This is because the hormone is used by the body to retain the calcium on the body. Calcium is the mineral that is responsible for the promotion of growth in bones. Additionally, it is also used in lessening the amount of the fat in the body and also regulation of the levels of sugar in the body due to the increased resistance to insulin.

The forms with which synthetic HGH comes include pills, tablets, oral sprays and injections. However as per the Mayo Clinic, the most effective form of the synthetic hormone is the injection. It has also been argues as to the effectiveness of the other forms. It is claimed that the chemical structure of the hormone of the too complex to be manipulate into all those forms and still be effective.

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