My latest article is geared towards those who have little or no experience within the field of meditation. After explaining what meditation is, I will present the possible use of brain entrainment as an aid in training your mind to reach altered states.

Meditation can be described as a state of awareness which occurs when the mind is calm and silent. One of its aims is to train the mind to be fully present, observing mental chatter in an objective manner, without attachment, until it becomes fully lost to the void.

While most religions make use of this technique in varying forms, it does not always have a religious element. It is in fact a natural part of being human, and is widely promoted as a therapeutic tool for improving health and cognitive function.

Anyone who has listened to a beautiful piece of music or observed a stunning painting and felt a sense of peace and calm, while their mind becomes clear and their perception focused, has experienced a state of meditation.

The simplest things can often be the most complex. The mind itself is a complex machine, and a difficult beast to tame when attempting to reach a state of mental stillness. But persistence is key, for over time, it becomes easier to enter this state at will.

A successful meditation means simply being aware, without attachment, observing each moment without effort - just being, and focusing on the now. It is a state which one can regress into solely for the experience itself, or for the purpose of contemplation, where all focus is channelled onto one idea.

Some cultures use robes, incense, candles, bells, bowls etc. in order to create an atmosphere, which can in turn help with entering deeper states of consciousness. There are no rules however - you can either exclude all of these, or find out which tools your mind associates with peace and tranquillity.

While meditation can often take years of practice to master, brain entrainment can streamline the process of single-pointed focus by creating an 'FFR' (frequency following response) between your brainwaves, and an audible tone. By syncing your brain's frequency to this tone, you can reach altered states of awareness in as little as 8-minutes.

Before commencing with the session, it helps to relax every muscle of your body using intense visualisation. This will aid in the process of stilling your mind. When you feel totally relaxed, begin the session, and focus solely on the tone. Within a short period of time, you will start noticing pleasant changes.

Try listening to the brain entrainment session on a consistent basis. Your mind will eventually become accustomed to reaching altered states without the aid of brain entrainment. It's like learning a new skill, which with practice, becomes ingrained within the mind through the formation of new neurological connections.


While we are a long way from it, the study of the effects of brain entrainment on the mind can eventually provide a gateway to a convergence of the science of the West, and the mysticism of the East. This will mean a scientific approach to the exploration of consciousness.

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