“A True Story”

Here is a true story of a young man who keeps lying to himself. And how meditation awakens the truth within so that he could move forward to have a great life with a job he loves… and make good money.

A young man who is married was not doing well in life… he was OK… he had a so-so job as a clerk in a store. And he was a musician and worked on his music, and was in top physical condition… but he was not happy. But their life could be much better, they were always behind on their bills and money was always in short supply.

So I recommended that he learn meditation. He resisted at first and over a few months decided that meditating couldn’t hurt so he decided to jump in with both feet. He took a course in TM meditation and started doing 20 minutes of meditation in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. And right away his stress level when way down and he was feeling better… but still had financial problems.

Then I recommended that he start doing 1 hour of meditation in the morning and 1 hour of meditation in the evening. He was reticent because that’s a good size time commitment. But eventually, he did start meditating for that length of time and huge changes started to take place.

First of all, he notices in his meditations that he was lying to himself about his relationship with his mother and father. That he was still deeply hurt and blamed his mother and father for everything in life. In fact, whenever his parents would come over he would become extremely angry and disappear.

But during his meditations, it came to him… that this was a deception. That his mother and father were only doing their best. And that forgiving his parents was way overdue. At the end of his meditation he was in tears, finally, he could see, that he was causing all their challenges by escaping his own truth.

And eventually, he did completely forgive his mother and father. And he did, start doing something that he loved “His Music” instead of working at a job as a clerk where he was not happy.

A few months later a talent agent heard him playing and singing at a gig with his band and he was asked the young man to come over and talk about a long-term contract with a well-known recording company.

He was not expecting that at all… he was blown away.

This was a lifelong dream come true.

And all this started by doing 1 hour of meditation in the morning… and 1 hour of meditation in the evening.

It’s amazing what meditation can do.

A True Story!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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