Here is a meditation process for healing yourself of all negativity. It’s very simple and this process should be done every day for at least 30 days.

1 - First, relax your body and do a body scan of your whole body allowing every part to relax.

2 - Second, start your meditation either following your breath or saying a simple mantra such as OM.

3 - After meditating for a while go inward and find out where a particular thought resides. Perhaps there is lust, greed, or envy going on or something else. Notice where that sensation or thought arises from. It might be a part of your body, a part of your brain, a part of your skin, a part of your heart, a part of your spirit, just notice where it resides. Maybe it’s on the right part of your brain, or the left, or in your heart… just notice where it resides.

4 - Now, once you find that part of your mind, body, or even spirit that contains those ill thoughts… allow it to be let go of. See that area changing and being filled with a white light of love and truth. Allow that are to be filled with peace, filled with love, filled with acceptance, and filled with gratitude.

5 - Then, look for another area that might harbor similar feelings and thoughts and do the same process again. And do this again and again until every area is healed.

6 - All negative thinking contains dark energy and dark or heavy energy is always removed with the great white light of love and peace.

7 - The light of love aways removes darkness… it’s a given. Remember, if you walk into a dark room and light a match… the darkness disappears.

8 - Remember to repeat this meditation daily for 30 days and then used it as needed.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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