"Ming Qian Tea" is a concept that has been hot in recent years, especially for Guixin's green tea. For consumers, it directly affects the purchase price.

First of all, the concept of Mingqian tea must be clarified. The tea before the QingMing is tea harvested before the Qingming Festival, and the tea before the rain is tea harvested before the rain after the Qingming Valley. Mingqian tea and Yuqian tea both belong to spring tea. Relatively speaking, the quality of spring tea is better. After a winter break, the tea tree accumulated more abundant endoplasm, while the spring sunshine was weaker, and the rain was not as abundant as in summer. The tea tree's internal substance continued to accumulate without being diluted. The sufficient endoplasm makes the buds and leaves of spring tea strong and tender, and the leaves are soft, shiny, more fluffy, and bright green. Especially before Qingming, the tea tree had a limited number of germinations, its growth rate was slow, and very few could reach the picking standard, so the tea before QingMing was more precious. Although the tea before the rain is not as delicate as the tea before the Ming, at this time the temperature is high, the buds and leaves grow relatively quickly, and the accumulated contents are also rich. Therefore, the tea before the rain tends to have a strong taste and is resistant to bubbles, reaching an internal and external balance The best level, and therefore loved by tea lovers.

"Mingqian" is a concept of time. Mingqian tea is mainly aimed at green tea, because green tea is expensive, especially green tea with small leaf species and delicate shapes. The most prominent example is West Lake Longjing, which advocates the taste of "harmony", and the charm is pursued in the light. Longjing tea before the QingMing is like a green girl, innocent, and it can well reflect this characteristic of Longjing. As for other types of tea, black tea needs to be fully fermented, and Pu-erh tea focuses on aging, and there is no substantial need for it before Ming.The quality of oolong tea depends largely on the level of processes such as shaking, running water, and charcoal roasting. Whether it is before QingMing is not a consideration. Not even green tea is the best before QingMing tea, such as Dian green, Qiong green. Many tea mountains in Yunnan and Hainan had high temperatures before the Qingming period, and the tea had already sprouted leaves, and even the tea before the QingMing period was even old tea. In addition, there are some high-mountain green teas that require the first batch of tea after the QingMing or even GuYu. There is no tea available before the QingMing, so you don't need to pay much attention to whether it is "Before QingMing".

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