Students are constantly going through one or another project that requires writing, be it an essay or any other writing assignment. There is also a competition that keeps going within the students regarding who’s going to get the best essay writing compliment from the teacher. In the process, there are some very common and naive mistakes that a student often makes and these mistakes bring down the quality of the content to a very extent. In this article, we are going to point out some of such mistakes so that you can write a research paper or essay more carefully next time.

Some naive mistakes by students…
To err is human. But, as a student or a writer, you can’t afford to make such mistakes and it’s very important that you understand it as soon as possible. I am providing you a compiled list of some of the mistakes that I think brings down the quality. No matter how good the content is, these errors just ruin every effort.

It’s the most common mistake that people make. Students get confused by the homophones, eg, they can’t differentiate between ‘their’ and ‘there’. Not only this one, but there are also many others that are seen interchangeably used. The reader will instantly lose interest in your content.

Spelling Errors
When you are writing a paper/essay, there can be various mistakes that can happen in regard to the spellings. It’s highly recommended that you must go through your content 2-3 times with close attention and find all the spelling mistakes. You can also opt for some premium services available online that will check the spelling for you.

You will not be able to pay much attention to detail while writing. I recommend you to read out the content that you have written loudly so you can find the sentence fragments easily. These don’t enhance the quality of a formal paper/essay. You can join them with any other sentence or totally replace them with another structure. It is one of the most useful essay writing tips according to me.

Avoid the use of I/We/You, ie, first-person mention
When you are writing a formal paper, it would not be a better idea to narrate the content through the reader/writer’s perspective. The content should be factual and hypothetical where any and everyone can relate to it. The first-person narrative is used while writing an informal paper or content, eg, blog.

Pay close attention to spacing
Your content should look as clean and professional as possible. There is one thing where no one pays attention and that’s spacing between the words. It may occur to you that you pressed the spacebar by mistake and haven’t noticed. While going through the content, also pay attention to the spaces along with the spelling and grammar.

Obscure topics
You should not leave any topic unclear in the paper. If you are confused over something, try to clear it before finalizing the paper. You can think of it this way that if you are confused while writing, how much the reader will be confused. Try to clear out all the topics beforehand that you are going to cover and then start writing.

Impressive Introduction and conclusion
The introduction and the conclusion of your essay should be of very high-quality. As there are many teachers/professors who don’t pay close attention to the content but they evaluate you on the basis of the quality of your intro and conclusion. You must try to squeeze every aspect of your content in these two heads.

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