Mobile application development is talk of town. These mobile applications offer a wide range of benefits to the owner of the app and its customers aka users. Thus, whether there is a small vendor offering single service or a big restaurant with a variety of cuisine in its menu card, everyone has started leveraging benefits from the mobile applications. The healthcare industry is not behind this trend of implementing a mobile app as part of the business model. In fact, the healthcare mobile applications offer a great deal of flexibility and benefits to the medical staff as well as the patients and their family.

The mobile application development done for the healthcare can be used by a small clinic practitioner or even by the multi-specialty clinic. These apps are very advanced in nature and offer a great deal of care for the patients. It also offers an advanced tool to hospitals so it can serve its patients at its best. There are many different features a healthcare mobile application can have. Some of the key features of a mobile application for the healthcare industry are briefed below:

Appointment Booking

The patients need to get the appointment for their routine checkups or medical test. A manual way of booking an appointment can be time consuming and cumbersome. The mobile application for the healthcare has an integrated calendar. The patient or his family member can check the available appointments and based on their convenience, they can select the appointment. The selected timeslot will be reflected in the calendar of the concerned doctor and hospital staff. This will give the flexible option to patient for getting an appointment and easy management to the doctors and hospitals without occupying their staff for the appointment booking task.

Electronic Health Record Keeping

Generally, it becomes difficult to manage the health records in a file. Even if you are using a software or CRM and the records are well arranged, it is not so quickly accessible when needed. The mobile application makes it quick to access the health record of any patient. At the same time, the digital form of the reports makes it easy to manage and access for the patient and his family, too.

Health Tips and Reminders

The healthcare mobile application can be used for providing the health tips and reminders. The health tips can be given in general to a mass audience or at the same time it can be designed specifically for a patient. The mobile app will also give timely reminder. For example, the mobile app will give a reminder for the exercise with the animated exercise GIFs. It will also provide reminders for the diet with the diet plan. This will help the hospitals to give personalized services and the patients will enjoy the virtual nursing experience.

Additional Features

The healthcare mobile application can support many other value added features such as mobile dialer for calling using the SIP technology; video calling, chat, etc. It can be used for internal staff management, receiving feedback, keeping track of medical logistic, so on and so forth.

In a nutshell, the complete hospital management system can be integrated in a form of a mobile application, which can handle the hospital, its staff and patient as well.

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