A headline can grab eyeballs and make users want to read what follows beneath. But if the rest of the content smells stale, you would have lost your audience before the first full-stop. The art of seducing your customer lies in writing sentences that draw him in, naturally. The words you write post the headline are not just for the eyeballs anymore; they are meant to stimulate the neural pathways of your reader's brain and affect those cerebral regions that deal with memory, imagination, empathy, and emotion. Tough work you think? Maybe not so if you truly understand the science behind the art of writing remarkable sentences.
It's not about the English
The legendary Eugene Schwartz very famously said :
"No sentence can be effective if it contains facts alone. It must also contain emotion, image, logic, and promise."
Writing sentences that engage your audience is more than elementary English. You are essentially tasked with creating a world that blends creativity with logic, and events with action. It's never about how much you say; it's always about how right you say it. Ernest Hemmingway is an amazing example of the power of frugality - say more with only a few words, and weave a story with every one of your words. Leave the imagination to the readers; it helps weave their interest into the story seamlessly.
Use facts and logic, but judiciously
Nothing appeals more than logic and pure facts. How you say it matters of course! Take this masterful line from Hemmingway from a classified ad for instance:
“Baby shoes: for sale, never used.”
There is a wealth of information buried in those six words and they fire the reader's inert imagination in a mere second. And the thought process that usually follows the reading of such a sentence goes somewhat like this -
Why are the baby's shoes being sold? How come they were never worn? What is the story behind the baby's shoes that are now up for sale? By the way, cute shoes... maybe I should contact the seller.
In just six words Hemmingway's artistry compels the reader to pick up the phone and contact the shoe-seller. The purpose of the ad was obviously to make a sale, but the way Hemmingway chose to bring forth the facts surrounding the sale exude mystery, and excite curiosity. The fact that these facts can also boost sales is a bonus!

Touch a nerve - it's important!
Creative you must be, but it is even more important to evoke an emotional response from your reader. Ask your reader to imagine by using phrases like 'Imagine this', or 'Picture a scene where..'. Get the mood of the writing correct and infuse your sentences with this very emotion. Each word of the 500-odd words you write need not be perfect but if at the end of it you touch the right nerves you know you have your reader's attention, and perhaps access to their purses as well! Creative you must be, but it is even more important to evoke an emotional response from your reader.

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