Taxation: it is the process of government system; which includes the different types of charges/taxes and collection of money from citizens to finance the public services centers such as: government Schools, parks, libraries, hospitals and all places under government. Not from only citizens of country, from industries and other institutions to finance its good and services.

In order to learn the taxation course you have to learn common concepts covered under taxation course:

  • Public resources and expenditures
  • Business tax
  • International tax policy
  • Cost accounting
  • Credits and income deductions

Importance of taxation course:

Taxation manager is a very important person in both private and public sectors because it checkouts the overall taxes paid or collected by the company or by any sector of government. It helps them to proceed for their future investments and deals which is beneficial for us also.

It is very important or any country to conduct taxes on products and the services. This tax helps them to run the public and private sectors and maintain them to provide us good service.

List of specialization courses in Taxation:

State and local taxation- this course taught students that how the property and sale taxes are used and help in government purpose and students learn how local and state laws are generated and applied, it also make students familiar about their legal constraints. After completing this business accounting and taxation course in delhi the certificates are given to the students.

International taxation principles- this intermediate course cover the rules for both residents and non-residents. It taught how individuals can make international business transactions. It includes business principles and investment for dealing outside and also examine specific international taxation procedures and it limitations.

Public finance tax policy- this course make known students with an outline of taxation principles, its alternative systems, policies and limitations. After completing the course one should know how to arrange finance to pay for taxes and allow students to know the concept of enforcing tax systems and its practical application.

In company with these courses there are many diploma course are present of taxation in accounting, finance and auditing.

List of some common taxation Diploma courses:

  • Diploma in taxation
  • Diploma in tax and company law
  • Advance diploma in taxation
  • Advance diploma in financial accounting and taxation

These are the short term courses, helpful to the person who wants to earn earlier. One can pursue these courses after 12th commerce or along with your bachelor degree in commerce stream.

Some common bachelor courses in taxation with accounting and auditing:

  • Bachelor of commerce in taxation
  • Bachelor of commerce in accounting and taxation
  • Bachelor of commerce in direct and indirect taxation
  • Bachelor of commerce in tax procedure and practice

Masters in taxation course prepare students for both private and public sectors and for independent tax career. List of masters on taxation:

  • Master of commerce in accounting and taxation
  • Master of commerce in taxation
  • Master of commerce in banking and taxation

With them some degree course are there which includes in taxation:

  • Bachelor of commerce in fundamentals of auditing
  • Bachelor of business administration in accounting and finance
  • And Masters in both these courses

Eligibility for pursuing these courses:

For bachelor and diploma course you should have complete your 12th from commerce stream in along with accounting, economics and math

And for pursuing masters in taxation you should have hold your bachelor course degree in your hand.

Admission & colleges:

For admission you have to beak basic entrance exams or personally conducted entrance exams conducted by colleges and institutions.

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