Finding the perfect gift for mom is a challenge. You may already have ideas for your kids or siblings but moms are difficult to shop for; not because they are picky but because we want to give them the best gift that we can. Mothers always make sure everyone get the perfect gift on special occasions and deserve to receive the best in return. You can never repay a mother’s love but at least show how much you appreciate her by getting her the best gift.

I have put together a list of most meaningful gifts for moms to help you pick the perfect gift for her.

  1. Personalized Jewelry. There are a lot of great gifts that are practical and something that she’ll get plenty of use of such as make-up and skin care but sometimes the greatest gifts don’t serve any purpose but pleasure. A piece of jewelry is a great treat for mom that she will surely cherish especially if it is personalized and uniquely handcrafted for her. You can engrave your mom’s initials or name on a necklace, ring, or bracelet to make off the shelf jewelry more special for her.
  2. Handbag. Whether your mom is a working professional or a super homemaker, she’ll surely love to have a new handbag to use. There is wide selection to choose from such as: brands, materials, sizes, colours, and designs. It is best to check her wardrobe to know what style she likes the most. It’s also worthwhile to surprise her with her favourite or dream brand to make your gift more exceptional.
  3. Kitchen Appliance. This is a practical gift that will surely bring happiness to moms as kitchen appliances are their best friends when it comes to cooking. Look for an appliance that she doesn’t own yet like a new model of coffee press, a multi-functional cooker, or a temperature control electric kettle for her favourite tea. I suggest picking an appliance that complements to her kitchen design so it looks beautiful on her countertop or cupboard.
  4. Plants. Gardening is a great stress reliever for anyone. It makes moms feel good especially when there are new flower blooms or the seeds that they sow sprout. Gardening gives a unique sense of enjoyment that is beneficial to us all. Check your mom’s garden on what plant she likes the most. She might be collecting a certain type of plant such as beautiful orchids or carnations. Ask dad or her friend if there is a rare plant she’s been longing to possess.
  5. Spa Treat. Treating you mother to spa experience is one of the best gift you can give her as it is not only relaxing but is also a great bonding opportunity for the both of you. It’s a great time to talk about life and everything under the sun as you both enjoy a relaxing sauna and body massage. Make it more memorable by treating her to an indulging dinner when the spa treat has eased away the stress of life from you both.

Sometimes saying I love you and thank you is not enough to show how much we really appreciate our mom. Giving gifts is an expression of appreciation and showing to the person how important they are to us. I hope you’ll find the best gift for your mom with the tips that I’ve shared above.

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Isabella Whitmore is a mother of two and likes sharing her ideas about motherhood, family, and home management. She writes for, an appliance website that offers a wide selection of electric kettles to suit your needs.