The core – and perhaps unexpected – thing that books do for us is simplified. It sounds odd because we think of literature as sophisticated. However, there are powerful ways in which books organize, and clarify our concerns – and in this sense, simplify. Books help us gain & store the knowledge; we shall one day leave our children. It is important for us to pass on the habit of reading to our children, to start preparing them for the real world. It allows them to improve their thought process & language skills, which in turn helps them make new friends. Books often serve as a Point of conversation & give your child access to a world of their imagination, which would improve their creativity & cognitive skills. Here is a list of must reads for ages 5 & above. Some of the more difficult books in the list are for parents to read out to their kids.

Book #1: Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar

Ralfy is a rather uncommon rabbit. Rather than munch on carrots or romp in the meadow like most bunnies, Ralfy prefers to read. He loves books not just for their ability to take him to new worlds. His passion for reading is so vast that he begins to steal books from people’s homes. His theft is discovered by Arthur, a young boy who loves books as much as Ralfy. we will let you child discover what happens next. The Characters are cute & well drawn, the plot focuses on the habit of reading while still standing on the right side in terms of morals.

Book#2: Percy Jackson: The Lightning thief

In Rick Riordan’s universe, Greek mythology is alive and well. The Titan Kronos, the overthrown father of Zeus, is slowly regaining power, to destroy the gods and everything built by them. The book focuses on a 12 – year old boy, Percy Jackson who finds out that he is the son of Poseidon. The book is a fast-paced adventure that focuses on the value of courage, family & home. It teaches kids to be brave & calmly solve every problem & motivates them to be the hero, to do the right thing.

Book#3: Harry Potter & the philosopher’s stone

My favorite series and possible favorite book of all time are the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. The Story is an about a boy named Harry Potter, he started the series as a poor boy living in the cupboard under the Staircase. The Boy gets invited to be a wizard at the prestigious Hogwarts School of Wizardry. The book builds a beautiful world that will supercharge your child’s imagination & allow them to build their own world around the premise. It’s a story about making new friends, standing up to bullies & protecting the world from evil all wrapped up in a world with magic brooms, owls & talking hats.

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