When you experience life through the tainted glass of negative self beliefs, you create obstacles for yourself on a regular basis. In general, you don’t even realize that you are doing it. Instead, you focus on the difficult time that you are having in reaching your goal or creating the change you want in your life. You tend to see external factors as the cause for things being so difficult for you. Yet, not once do you stop to wonder if the difficulty in reaching your goal is self-inflicted.

Perhaps you should.

People that experience life thinking negative self beliefs create all kinds of obstacles for themselves. Instead of making life easier for themselves, they do the exact opposite. They don’t mean to. Yet, they do it anyway.

Below is a list of the most common obstacles that people place in their path when working towards a goal. See if you are currently doing or have done any of these.

Some of the most common self-sabotaging behaviors that people do are:

  1. Procrastinate
  2. Become disorganized
  3. Manage time poorly
  4. Give in to distractions
  5. Doubt their capacity for achieving their goal
  6. Doubt their worthiness for feeling the satisfaction of success
  7. Surround themselves with negative people
  8. Give up before trying

Behaviors number 5 through 8 are results of negative beliefs and can be countered by positive self-talk. The top 4 are extremely common self-sabotaging behaviors that we have complete control over. The first thing to do is identify them when they are happening. Having identified them, you can then work against them to decrease the frequency in which you do them to the point that you stop the behavior completely.

Author's Bio: 

Sonia Gallagher is an Executive Life Coach at Time for Life, LLC. She works with Lawyers, Business Owners, and Executives who are ready to be challenged and to reach new levels of Success through Balance. Together, they design systems to: 1. Improve time-management and business development, 2. Create work life balance in alignment with their desired lifestyle, and 3. Overcome limiting thoughts and behavior in the way of their personal and professional goals.

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