Do you feel as though you're stuck in a rut, and that your life has more potential than is being realised? Motivation therapy with brain entrainment is the key to unlocking doors of limitless possibilities.

A binaural beats download has been proven to re-shape the psychology of the mind through a variety of entrainment frequencies, which can over time, alter the anatomical structure of the brain (see:'neuroplasticity'), so that newly acquired, positive states of mind become ingrained into one's being.


It is very common for a person to begin a new venture, before distracting thoughts of self doubt hinder any chances of advancement. These include thoughts of failure; "What if I make a fool of myself? What if I don't succeed?". This self-doubting is a vicious cycle, and inevitably leads to a sense of helplessness and futility.

The one thing that all books on self-motivation have in common is that they share the view that one should "NEVER GIVE UP!". Sure you may encounter hardships along the way, but these are vital for self-improvement, as they help us learn and better ourselves.


Brain entrainment is tailored to break down the blocks which prevent you from being open to change and improvement.

We usually encounter a vast amount of inertia after being stuck in a rut for a while, but once we get started on making a change, the newly gained momentum carries us along.


Entrainment provides a gateway to the subconscious, where positive affirmations can be planted and left to grow. It is the subconscious mind which determines our behavior in everyday life.

It is the storehouse of all past conditioning: positive and negative, filtered through the net of culture and society. Your success lies in reprogramming it to conform to a new, more helpful outlook on life.


It has become somewhat of a cliche that ''you create your own reality'', a statement which has become a common fixture within the slightly nauseating new-age movement. But it is true!

For example, someone with a self-defeatist attitude who constantly puts themselves down will often experience situations which conform to their misanthropic mindset. Likewise, one who is full of hope and optimism will experience life as being fun and joyful.


To drive yourself to success, it is vital to observe your negative thoughts and their limitations, while capitalizing on the positive. Don't go into denial and ignore the limiting thoughts completely; deconstruct them to their core and realise that they have been conditioned into you, and that you have mistakenly identified them as being a part of who you are.


Reprogramming your psychological makeup is no easy task, which is why tools such as brain entrainment have been constructed; to provide the framework for you to achieve this. A binaural beats download is designed to temporarily alter your brain to its most receptive state, so that you can implant new 'software' in the form a positive mind set.

This new way of thinking will eventually permeate deep into your subconscious, changing the way you think, and therefore act.

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