Is everything ready? Are you all set for the next move? Wait a minute! Have you checked the property yet? moving out may seem really easy unless you are burdened with responsibilities like ensuring everything is in place and the property is just as good as it had been on the day you first stepped into the house. Moreover, it’s important for you to get back the bond you had signed, and for that matter the money you had deposited in lieu of any breakage or damage caused to the property on the day you move out of it. Have you started feeling a little uneasy realising the mammoth load you have to undertake in order to not just keep the property spick and span but to ensure that every scratch or crack is well mended before the handover? 

To get things on track, you will need professional assistance from Move Out Cleaning Port Melbourne. Even if you are unable to get such services, since the lockdown is costing heavy on everyone, here is a checklist of how to go about cleaning and fixing things of the property you are about to leave. 


Look everywhere and fix everything: 

  • Take screws and nails off the wall and then apply putty all over the holes to smoothen up the walls and ceilings. 
  • Dust off ceiling fixtures and ledges 
  • Clean up the windows, the door knobs, doors, switches and various outlets
  • Clean all the walls and the baseboards 
  • Vacuum clean any stain on the carpet and get rid of the cobwebs 

Don’t rule out the bathroom before you move out 

  • Apply soap on bathroom tiles and the tub and make sure you bleach the grouts
  • Clean bathroom drawers and also the vanity to make sure nothing is left behind 
  • Clean the sink, toilet and sweep up the floor 
  • Clean up the mirror and vacuum the floor to ensure it dries up fast

You are surely not going to like this! But you ought to do it in order to get back the deposit money. Yes! Clean up the kitchen: 

  • Clean the cabinets and liners 
  • Clean the sink and faucets 
  • Wash the frontal part of the cabinets 
  • Scrub the fridge’s interiors and exterior. Clean the shelves separately. 
  • Now clean the oven by scrubbing it too. Remove the burners and drip pans and clean thoroughly. 
  • Scrub the dishwasher and the exhaust. 

Bedroom and living room

Just imagine how you would like it to be when you first enter the living space or bedroom. Now start doing the clean up by dusting, sweeping and vacuuming the empty rooms. 


Cleaning the garage space is quite a bit of a challenge. Empty it and sweep it for best results. 

Just like the interiors, the outside of the property too needs some maintenance and clean up. Start off by pulling out the weeds and cutting grass. Remove anything which might be there stuck to the trees. Scrub the porch and remove all stains. Make sure you perform the Move Out Cleaning Tarneit. 

Cleaning and fixing up things before you leave the property is much more challenging. Now, that you don’t have professionals at your rescue, make sure you do, everything by yourself to ensure the house is beautifully clean and presentable before you leave. 

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Being a cleaning expert the author runs a business dealing with Move Out Cleaning Port Melbourne and likes sharing insightful information on end of lease cleaning through blogs.