Moving requires a lot of planning and work. Starting with searching for reliable and trustworthy movers in Daytona Beach to finishing up packing. Every task is required to be finished in a schedule so that you can be ready before the movers arrive. The following 30-day moving checklist will help you plan and prepare for your move.

30 days before the move

You have hired reliable Daytona Beach movers and now you are 30 days away from your move. It's time to start working and smooth over details. Being with reviewing details of the move with your movers to confirm pack date, load date, addresses, unloading time, and all other moving details. Next, create a moving schedule with actual dates and all the moving tasks to complete and use this calendar to keep track of your progress. Complete change of address form with the post office. Arrange to disconnect phone, cable, internet and other such utilities, since some companies require 30 days notice. Return if you have borrowed or loaned out any items. If you have decided to handle packing yourself, it's time to purchase packing materials and get started all the items that are not required over the next month. Create an inventory record as you pack boxes and label boxes with room and items inside.

14 days before the move

Now you are just 2 weeks away from your move, and if you are not a bit overwhelmed, it's a miracle. These final two weeks is the time to finalize any decisions since when you are closer to the move date it is difficult to modify most details. As for packing, continue with an organized packing system by labeling boxes with room and contents. Pack items that you want to take with you like jewelry, precious metals, financial information, and any other important documents. This is also the time to set up utilities for your new home so that you can move into a home that is properly lit, with running water.

1 week before the move
One week until the moving day is the time to finalize everything. By now, you should have finished up most of the packing, so it's time to pack up the items which are using. Empty, clean and defrost your fridge, you can either use up all the food items or donate them. Put together a moving survival kit which will include all the essentials that are immediately required after you arrive at your new home. Keep keys organized and in separate envelopes which makes returning them easy. Ready your new home by cleaning carpets and changing the locks.

Moving day

Even if you have planned everything, there will always be something that will pop up that you weren’t expecting. Moving companies will pack and load everything, so make sure you provide a clear walkway for them. Take care of the folks who are working hard by providing them with water and snacks throughout the day. Confirm details with the driver, read every document carefully before signing them. Make sure to verify the delivery date range and exchange contact information with the driver.

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