Traveling can be exciting. It takes you to places that will enrich you in numerous ways. But while it has its perks, you also have to give something in return in order to gain those experiences. It could be spending a significant amount of money for the trip, or having to get on long haul flights that require you to sit for 15 hours or so.

You cannot shorten the number of hours you have to be on the plane. However, you can make your trip more pleasant by having your essentials in your carry-on bag. If you are uncertain about its contents, you can check out carry-on checklist online which have been shared by fellow digital nomads or travel savvies.

While coming up with your own carry-on checklist, here are the things you need to include in your considerations:

  • What the airline will allow in your carry-on bag. This can change from time to time, sometimes in a short notice. So make sure to check the airline's official website for advisories even hours before your flight.
  • Things that will keep you the most entertained throughout the flight. Although in-flight entertainment is offered, you may not like the selection of movies, music and games. Make sure to bring that book you have been itching to finish, or to download in your gadget that TV series you have been wanting to binge on.
  • Immediate remedies. Anything can happen when you are traveling. While hoping for the best, prepare for inconvenient moments too. You know yourself and are aware of your usual discomforts when on trips. Make sure that you have instant relief in your bag like chewing gum for when your ears start to pop, drops for dry eyes, or lip balm for cracked lips due to air conditioning.
  • Light snacks. Just in case you do not find something palatable on the plane, make sure to bring with you food items that you will really like such as trail mix or crackers. This will let you save money too, as food and drinks sold in the plane can be pricey.
  • Hygiene kit. While most long haul flights offer this, it would not hurt to bring your own bag with hand sanitizer, wet wipes, facial tissue, disposable toothbrush, skin moisturizer and other products for ensuring you are clean throughout the flight. This is especially important when there are specific brands that you are keen on using.

 Having an indispensable carry-on checklist is beneficial for digital nomads and frequent flyers. Not only will this ensure that you have everything you will need in your bag, this will also expedite the time you spend on packing your stuff prior to a trip.


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Must-Haves In Your Carry-On Bag