Many people go to work for several years and, at the same time, they want a job working from home or want to open a freelance service with more free time but they do not know how to make it happen. In this article I’ll share about how I make plan to switch from a full-time job into a home-based business that allows me the flexibility I need.

You can apply the following principles to set up a career plan. Your goal could be different from others but the principle of personal achievement is the same.


First of all, you need to specify your goals.

I want to be an online English teacher in the next six months and I'll have 10 students per month. This goal helps me determine what I need to do, what resources I need to prepare, which advisers that I should meet.


Once you have an overall goal, you will divide it into several smaller projects. When you finish all the small projects, you will achieve your goal.

Each small project has its own goal. How you write your goal must comply with the principle of the measurable specific deadline. In this step, you need to analyze, in order to achieve a goal, how many small projects you need to complete.


Now you have many small projects to work on in the near future. The next thing you need to do is for each small project, you write down the activities required to complete the project.

Each project may require three to four different activities. You need to describe those activities in a specific way. You use verbs to write down those activities and remember to list all the activities that you can think of.

When I want to be an online English teacher, one of the projects I have to do is to get on digital marketing skills. Because I will need to have students through the internet, digital marketing skills are extremely important.

So I have a project about improving digital marketing skills. I have to complete a certificate training program and can use tools in marketing fluently. To complete this project, I need to do three things. One, I will participate in a training program. Two, I will join a class about website design. Three, take time for self-learning more about digital marketing knowledge.

Regarding each of the three works above, I describe specific results in order to know whether I will have already achieved it or not. For example, after completing studying website design, the result I expected to myself is to be able to design my own website without the need to hire someone else.


Once there are full of activities for each project, you will set a duration for each activity.

Ensure after doing these activities, you promptly achieve the ultimate goal with this time set.

All of what you do in this step is called Time Frame setting.


When setting goals, what makes people worry is that they do not know what to do to achieve it. In other words, we have no idea and do not know how to set up a plan.

Above, I shared with you how to plan. Next, I want to talk about how to come up with ideas on how to know what you should do to achieve your goals.

For me, the fastest way to reach the goal is to learn from successful people. Think about this. For almost all of what you want to accomplish in life, there are people who have already done it. You just model yourself on them, follow exactly their strategy and you will achieve similar results.

You can choose the way I've just shared. That means you have to dig deeper into your experience, learn from successful people. Or another way for you to achieve that goal more quickly is to join a course that gives you the skills to do the work you love.

This is also how I apply to myself. I think that this is an effective way, although I have to spend some money. But in return, I can save a lot of time. I do not have to find out about how things work by myself. Besides that, you can find yourself a mentor, it could be anyone who you can learn from.

Also, make sure you’re willing to learn from those failures. You will know why they failed. By learning from failures, you will have more experience to avoid mistakes.

In short, you just need to know how to set up a career plan and get ideas of what to do, you will know how to reach the goal. In the process of achieving that goal, the best way to succeed is to learn from those who have achieved what you want.

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