Once you find yourself saying "my boyfriends wants a break" then you might think that you're the unluckiest person when it come to relationships. You might feel shock about the situation especially if you didn't think your relationship had any problems. Perhaps the break doesn't have anything to do with the relationship or you weren't prepared. Following are some of the reasons why your boyfriend would want a time off with the relationship.

The first thing that a girl asks herself is "my boyfriend wants a break, will this end the relationship?". It really wouldn't help for you to be paranoid right now and you should be aware that a break up and a break isn't the same thing for guys.

Taking a break is usually temporary and means taking time off on a relationship. Don't start thinking that you have to fix the problem because the truth is that there is no problem. The truth is that these breaks are usual occurrences in a relationship and if you work it correctly, it won't be the end of your relationship.

When a guy asks for a break, women often ask themselves "my boyfriend wants a break, is this my fault?". However, guys usually choose to have a break because of something that is happening outside that relationship. Perhaps he has a problem or problems that he would want to address by himself. Girls might think that it would be better to help them boyfriend but that's not how guys handle their problems. Perhaps he doesn't want to add to your problem or he honestly thinks that it would be better if he solves it himself. Also, guys might find themselves having a hard time controlling their emotions considering how stressful the whole thing is. So don't start thinking "my boyfriend wants a break, that horrible man". He is hoping that he won't take his frustrations out on you and believes that he can do this better if there is a break.

Sometimes though, a guy wants a break because of the relationship. He still loves you and therefore doesn't want to break up but at the same time, he wants to clear the air and a break is the best way to do this. It's likely that the thinks the break would help you cope better especially if there has been a lot of fighting going on and he's definitely right. After the situation is cleared, then he will come back. If you're asking yourself "my boyfriend wants a break but I don't know why?", it's likely you'll have your answer after the fact. Also, trying to contact him during the break would only make things bad for you.

So just let your boyfriend have what he wants the next time you find yourself asking "my boyfriend wants a break, should I give it?". It's like having to reboot a computer so that it would function again. It's likely that he wants a break in order to prevent a breakup from happening.

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