Twitter is a micro-blog that helps individuals post small pieces of digital content, which could be in form of texts, pictures, links, videos, short essay or other media on the internet. It has become popular among different groups of friends; and professional colleagues who frequently post contend in the name of tweets and follow each other’s posts creating a sense of an online community. Supported by a number of growing add-on applications that allow engaging updates, twitter is currently the most used micro blogging. Its ability to allow a minute amount text of 140 characters for its members to use in sharing information about their happenings has made twitter popular. This paper entails to summarize my experiences and overall evaluation of twitter.

The force behind twitter is not in the hands of every twitter user, or in the micro level of any individual or group. It has created maintained and improved relationships in my life that may not exist or last without it. As a twitter user, I am able to determine and control who views my profile with the aid of the policy, which was made available for me when I first joined the platform. This feature has made twitter my best communication exchange media hence making it successful not only to me but also to the entire world. Twitter is a truly incredible tool that can greatly enhance a person’s experience.

I have found it very useful in discovering and getting useful information while using twitter besides having fun with my fellow peers. I have also discovered that twitter is fine way of making a quick announcement. For example, some people, I included, sometimes use it to draw attention to their latest blog post as well as providing the feeling of being. At least, it helps me keep in touch with people.

However, twitter is actually limited concerning its inability to connect people with as many followers as possible. For instance, messages are only be picked up by the people in your network; the people who are following you. Therefore, if you only have a handful of followers, your potential response rate is going to be limited. In fact, it is actually worse than this, because people who are online at the time will only be the ones to pick up the message. Although people can trawl through all the posts since they last logged in making the process a bit hit and miss. Similarly, someone may respond, but unless you are online at the time, you may well miss their answer.

As a student, twitter has greatly offered plenty of learning and interactivity opportunities for me, reshaping my educational landscape. It is my popular way for interacting with professors, students and the vast public to communicate my ideas and views about a particular topic. Unlike many persons now, I believe twitter is a news source rather than a truism social media podium. One of the most motivating things about twitter is that I can interact and engage with fellow students and professors solely through the internet, perhaps never even meeting in person.

The way people learn, acquire and harness knowledge can be profoundly influenced by twitter owing to the fact that it is dynamic and revolutionary. It has opened gateways for me to conquer timidity in the lecture halls whereas it creates a sociable milieu to answer questions on twitter rather than in the classroom.

In conclusion, Twitter is transforming the daily lives of those who use the service and will have a gigantic global impact on how millions of people relate to each other.

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