My Husband and I Argue Everyday: My Husband Disagrees With Everything I Say - Stop Arguing With Your Spouse

If you are wondering how to stop arguing with your spouse, and you find that you can hardly share a decent conversation without arguing and yelling at each other - you may want to read this article.

Constant arguing among couples causes alienation within the marriage and destroys the simple joys that can be experienced within the union - sometimes permanently! Unresolved problems can be likened to a wound which never gets better; it just stays there and festers before erupting again. The constant pain and hurt never gets healed, it just keeps showing up every now and then. The reality is that most couples just don't know how to stop hurting each other with their words, and therefore find it impossible to resolve conflicts on their own.

Most married couples tend to fight over insignificant issues, as a result of being unable to agree on any subject. When this starts to occur, couples naturally start thinking in terms of separation and divorce, as it is quite obvious to them that a happy marriage is no longer on the horizon.

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In cases where the union has produced children, too often the children become the focus of the arguments. This however, is just a front as the real problem is not with the kids, but rather issues stemming from the frustration emanating from a deteriorating marital relationship.

Life Gets In the Way

It is a known fact; having children, possessing stressful jobs, involvement with various commitments and many other 'legitimate' issues can get in the way. As couples get caught up in their individual lives, they tend to drift apart until they have nothing in common anymore. It is at this juncture that frequent fights and disagreements tend to be manifested.

It is important to identify the little stressors and obvious distracters that ultimately result in estrangement. You also need to know how to reconnect and 'touch base' with your partner on a regular basis.

By applying proven techniques it is possible to rekindle the love, care and passion that used to exist within your relationship. These skills are really incredible as they can be implemented by you successfully even if your spouse is not interested in making things work any longer. These techniques focus on changes within you; once you have altered your approach to your spouse, your spouse will almost immediately change his approach toward you.

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When a marriage reaches the point of crisis, one spouse will often tell the other "I don't love you anymore!" While this can be a shocking and hurtful thing to hear, it does not necessarily mean the end of a marriage. I'd like to tell you how to save a marriage in crisis. When your spouse says I don't love you, there is a plan you can follow.

I've been there. My marriage nearly ended a few years ago, and I heard those dreaded words from my wife. And I'd lying if I told you that I was prepared to handle the news! The hurt and shock and betrayal I felt was devastating. But I didn't want my marriage to end and so I tried everything I could out of a sincere and heartfelt desire to keep the marriage together.

The problem was, I made a lot of the common mistakes that many people make when facing a breakup of their marriage. And despite my best efforts, my wife seemed even more determined to and our marriage. How could this be happening? I was desperate to save my marriage and looking for an answer.

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Finally, I found the answer I had been looking for and was able to save our marriage, even though my wife had originally wanted a divorce. Here is my advice to you:

- Do not beg and plead or argue with your spouse. Do not make phone calls, emails and text messages. Do not send gifts. Do not make promises to change. Do not stalk or try and make them feel guilty. Do not use the children as a weapon. Do not seek revenge. And do not drown your sorrows in drugs or alcohol.

- Put yourself in a calm, confident and resourceful state. Give your spouse the impression that you are strong and in control (no matter how you may be feeling inside).

- Love your spouse enough to let him or her go

- Be willing to take immediate action, dedicating yourself 100% to saving the marriage, even if you feel like you are doing it alone!

The net result of all of this is that you will be considerably more attractive in your spouse's eyes. You will retain a sense of power in the relationship and by taking certain actions, you will change the dynamics of the relationship. But you must start at once. The next few hours days and weeks will be critical.

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The blame game is something we have all probably played at one stage of another with our loved ones. The tendency to combat accusations of blame by finding something you can throw back at them to even the score. These tips to save a marriage article will focus on blame and retaliation, what is behind it and how you can avoid it to save your marriage and stop a divorce.

Blame has two angles: To bring up problems in a relationship and to hurt the other person.

Now one of these things has a legitimate place in communication when a marriage is in trouble and heading for divorce and the other one just speeds it along and accomplishes nothing and breaks down the communication channel into arguments, shouting matches and the never ending blame game that mires you in revenge and anger that is hard to crawl out of. I think you see which one I am referring to ...

As has been mentioned why people do this is because there ARE problems in a relationship that need to be addressed, you cannot close your eyes and mind to he fact that you may have made mistakes when someone calls you out on it but you can direct where you go from there wisely. This is made difficult of course when the tone and intent of this accusation is barbed and poisonous and meant to hurt but you must make a decision at this point. Do you want to save your marriage? Or do you want to spiral down the road to divorce?

If you want to work through the problems and not be divorced then there is a simple formula you can follow when the blame game gets started that will calm the situation down, allow grievances to be brought up and allow you in the end not to feel like you have 'lost' your honor or self respect.

1. Accept the blame

Now this may make you angry, this may make your blood boil when you are accused of something perhaps that was not your fault or that was very minor and is being blown into huge proportions. The problem is refuting that claim simply brings the anger level up and the ability to discuss things rationally so the first thing you HAVE to do is diffuse the situation. Simply accept the criticism even if you do not believe it, nod and listen and endure because if you love this person and want to salvage a marriage you need to hear them out in full so swallow your pride and know this is not the end but endure it for the sake of your marriage.

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2. Listen to the problem behind the complaint

Blame and accusations do not come from nowhere and even if they are overplayed or even just plain wrong your job should not be to throw that back at them but listen to the real message behind it. You must try to empathize with your spouse and try to see things from their point of view even if you do not agree. This is because a complaint about spending too much money might not be actually about the money spent but might be about making decisions together maybe. Or an argument about perceived flirting with other people might more be about their insecurity and their feelings that they are fading in your interests even if they do trust you. It can be complex and people often do not say what they really mean when they are aiming to hurt so your listening skills and empathy skills must be turned up to the max.

3. DO not retaliate!

By this stage you may have a better understanding of the issues and if you can keep control of your own tongue you may almost get to a breakthrough. Do not use any insight and knowledge to launch another attack back at them because that destroys everything you have just learned. Hold you tongue, even agree with them if there is 'some' truth to the accusation but do not act defeated or cowed because you need to now be the strong one and propose a solution not cave in or retaliate.

4. Question!

This may seem like the last thing you want to do but delving further into their complaint can reveal more hidden anxieties, fears and problems that they may not know they even have. Talk to them and ask 'why' about certain things calmly and rationally and keep the peace because you may have just opened up a great line of communication if you can be the bigger person and do not enter the blame game.

5. Use this communication line to broach other topics

If you have managed to get somewhere by now the retaliations that were on your lips but never said can come out in a constructive way by raising them as a problem without any barbed attacks attached because by this stage if you have gone through their problems in detail a feeling of reciprocation will often exist that will allow you to put forward your own point of view.

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I heard from a wife who said: "my husband and I have only been separated for about two weeks. I am devastated. If you had told me even a year ago that my husband and I would be living apart, I would have never believed it. I know that we've had our problems but I just never thought it would come to this. My husband is open to seeing me even though we're separated. He's agreed to go out to lunch every Sunday after church. So basically we have the whole day together and I know that this is a huge opportunity for me. The problem is that I am so overcome with sadness during the whole day. All I can think about is that in a few short hours, he is going to get in his car and drive away to his own apartment that I do not share. I dwell on the fact that I might not even see him again until the next Sunday. I worry about how much I am going to miss him for the entire week. I know that this probably brings him down and makes his less likely to want to spend a long time with me or to want to see me again, but I just can't seem to help myself. I am very sad about this and I just can't seem to act as if I'm not. I suppose I'm just not a good actress. What do I do now?" I'll try to respond to these concerns in the following article.

Try To Focus On What You Still Have Instead Of What You Don't Have: Believe me when I say that I know exactly where you are right now. I became extremely depressed when my husband and I were separated. And I know that my sorrow was obvious. In fact, there was a time when my husband would make all sorts of excuses to avoid being with me and I'm sure that part of that was because he knew that I would bring him down. I'm sure that it wasn't a lot of fun to spend time with me. And I can't blame him for wanting to avoid it.

So how did I force myself out of this? There were a couple of ways. First, I forced myself to go and visit my extended family. I needed some distance because I knew that if I was within driving distance to my husband, I was going to continue to make a pest of myself. The distance forced me to end the cycle, which was vital.

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Then, when I got back, I started trying to focus on the positive things that were still in my life. I began to keep a gratitude journal. I know that this might sound overly simplistic but I can't possibly overstate what a huge impact this had on me. I forced myself to write in my journal and record no fewer than ten things that I had to be grateful for every day.

When you do this for a couple of weeks, you will notice a strange and yet wonderful thing beginning to happen. Because you know that you will be responsible for coming up with ten blessings for that day, you start watching for them. You become much more aware of all of the positive things that are still in your life. Over time, you become grateful for the very fact that you are alive and able to appreciate that beautiful sunset, even if, just for right now, you are looking at it alone.

You start to realize that the very fact that you are alive with the family and friends that you still have are a reason for celebration. It may sound silly, but I hope that you will give it a try. It had a huge impact on my life and now that my husband and I are back together, I still make this a daily habit. And it has had a positive impact on my marriage also.

Help Someone Else: Again, this may sound like a cliché. But if you make it a habit to help someone else, then you will often feel much more upbeat and happy. I tried to find something that wasn't so far outside of my comfort zone that I would dread going. I love to read and I spend a lot of time in the library. So I started tutoring reading there just once per week. Many libraries have a program such as this. This forced me to get out of the house and it was easy to forget my problems when I saw a child suddenly understand something that I had helped that child with.

I could give you more examples, but I am sure you get the idea. You have to break the cycle of continuing to dwell on the separation. You don't know what tomorrow will bring. You may well be pleasantly surprised with how things turn out so you shouldn't assume the worst or just put your life on hold while you are waiting.

In this particular case, there was probably a lot for this wife to be thankful for on a beautiful Sunday afternoon when she was having lunch with someone who meant so much to her. Sure, she hoped that things were different. But the fact that her husband was willing to meet with her regularly and spend a weekend day with her was certainly a good sign. Now, she just had to set it up so that they both started to look forward to those meetings because they were pleasant and fun for both of them. She might start to focus on the feeling of sunlight on her back or the curve of her husband's smile. The point is, you can't dwell on what is bad. You have to focus on what is good and have faith that in time, things will turn around.

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