My Husband Doesn't Know If He Loves Me: My Husband Isn't Sure If He Loves Me

After the honeymoon period passes and realities begin to sink in, problems begin to occur in every marriage. In some marriages, these problems might rise in importance with time, and eventually might cause the couple to move away from each other in both the emotional and physical sense of the word. So, if you're a wife, how to make your husband love you more? First of all, do not give up hope even if there seems to be a possibility of a divorce. Certain things you can do will bring you and your husband closer, and will make your husband love you more.

The first thing to consider when you are trying to make your husband love you more is to evaluate the way you have been treating your husband recently. I bet that it has changed a lot since you married. Of course, you are not the only one to take the blame in this - realities of life and jobs, and children can force us to change our behavior dramatically. But now, I want you to think about the conflicts you two have been having. Maybe there have been unresolved conflicts which your husband might be holding a grudge over? He might not even realize that he's holding a grudge. The concept I am telling is that, you have to find out what damaged the very foundations of your relationship, and then try to fix this. Maybe you might have to try a few steps back, but making your husband love you more is something that's worth it.

Also, remember that you are married to your husband and this should, above everything, be a romantic relationship. When you have become a family, you might have pushed the romantic element in your life away in favor of the family element. This can cause your husband to feel that you are neglecting him and do the same himself. Don't forget that if you want your husband to love you romantically, you need to spend some alone time with him. It isn't hard to do - just start arranging some special things that you'll be doing alone together, and you'll see that this brings your husband closer to you.

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At the risk of offending some of my men readers, let me confess frankly that most men are poor in expressing their inner feelings. It would not have been a problem otherwise, except it becomes a serious issue when they fail to live up to the expectations of their wives when it involves expressing love.

Interestingly, most women, no matter how long they are married, still demand the same attention, affection and outward expressions of love from their husbands as they experienced in the initial years of marriage. While this might be a tough demand on many husbands, the fact of the matter is that otherwise, wives go into a panic mode where they end up asking anyone who would listen how do you know if your husband truly loves you?

If you are a wife reading this article and want to know more details about how do you know if your husband truly loves you, here is some food for thought to put your mind at peace:

o The basic guideline to know how you know if your husband truly loves you, is to believe that he loves you, unless you know for sure that are reasons to believe otherwise. This means, that you need to stop all guess works followed by illogical conclusions about your husband. Look at the time he is spending or at least willing to spend with you? This could be a clue to get started.

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o Is it possible that your husband has some problem he is hiding from you? Usually men either solve a problem or leave it behind and move on. But most men live with the problem which lurks at the back of their heads. If he is gradually distancing himself from you, probing deeper into his career, finances or health might provide vital clue regarding your dilemma: how to know if your husband truly loves you.

o Do you notice any change in his lifestyle, like preferring to stay outdoors most of the time, spending more time with his buddies or at work? Get to know why and you would have your answer.

o How do you know if your husband truly loves you? When he is his usual self, whatever that may be. Maybe, you might have to re-adjust your expectations from him if you find that he still loves you but does not quite prefer to express his love for you the way he used to. Accept change and happiness is a hop, skip and jump away.

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If you want to know how to stop a breakup before it occurs you need to take action now. If you feel your relationship is on the verge of breaking up, you can't waste time wondering what to do. You need to start implementing steps to save it and with any luck your lover will be receptive to these techniques, especially because they need to be a part of them.

Dress to impress. If you're like many people in a relationship, you don't put as much energy in impressing your partner as you once did. The reason many relationships die is the couple gets to used to each other and they let their guard down and do things like wear sweats or boxer shorts around each other and don't brush their teeth right away in the morning. Start now to take the time to look great when you're with your partner.

Put some fun into your lives. Decide on a few fun things you can do together and schedule some time and go do them! Have some fun together. You've got to take the time to go do things you normally wouldn't do, it will help spice up your relationship.

Let go of past problems. If you want to prevent a breakup, you might need to let some old arguments die. You can't expect your lover to be happy being around you if you keep opening old wounds. Sit down together and tell your significant other that you have gotten over this past transgression and you are moving on. They might do the same on an issue they have with you.

This last step by itself could dramatically improve your relationship. So don't waste anymore time and get to work.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want is a sandwich. From their wives. I know, it's one of the oldest jokes in the book. Terribly sexist, but hey, the world was a sexist place back then. Only because we crack the joke now, doesn't mean that we don't respect you guys for what you do for us. In this article, I'm going to let you in on an "inner circle" mens' secret that explains really why food either makes or breaks the deal when it comes to you being a good wife for us. Please don't take it the wrong way either; I just want to help wives out who feel offended by the notion that they have to stay in the kitchen. We're really complimenting you. Here's how.

1. "The Way To A Man's Heart Is Through His Stomach"

We're all aware of this saying, aren't we? It's somewhat archaic and relates probably back to the era of the '60s, when men would come home from work and women would have dinner already prepared for them.

They say that men are the providers. It's actually women. They provide the food that sustains the men and keeps them going. Men don't put food on the table either. Women do. So really, women have a really important job in keeping the family together.

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2. The Female Provider

Women who cook in the family are usually authoritative too. Men who don't respect them and are sexist and make bad jokes about them being in the kitchen should be taught a lesson. Women deserve more respect for the magic they work with the pots and pans.

The fact of the matter is, more females seem to be better at cooking than men are. I don't know what it is, maybe it's an artistic thing. Maybe we simply can't multitask. At any rate, you're there because you can get the job done.

3. You are home

In relationships where the woman is in the kitchen cooking, the male more often than not had his mother cooking a lot for him. Not to make things weird, but you cooking in the kitchen makes him comfortable, because it is familiar and reminds him of home.

You literally are home to him. Without you, there wouldn't be a home. There would just be a house. So if you currently don't cook, you would do a lot of good for your relationship to cook and show your man that you want him to see you as his "home."

What a man wants is a woman who can cook, not because he can crack bad, sexist jokes about her, but because he wants to respect and love her more for being a great woman.

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