My Husband Doesn't Know If He Loves Me: My Husband Isn't Sure If He Loves Me

I sometimes hear from wives who are devastated by a new revelation from their husbands - that he is no longer sure that he loves his wife. Sometimes, this disclosure comes up during an argument. Other times, the husband is just being brutally honest. No matter how this information comes to light, it's not only very painful, but it can make for an awkward situation.

I heard from a wife who said: "a couple of days ago, my husband sat me down and told me that he could no longer live a lie and that he needed to be honest with me. By the tone of his voice, I suspected that he was going to tell me that he had cheated and perhaps was in love with the other woman. My suspicions were wrong. Instead, he told me that he is no longer sure that he loves me. He insisted that there was no one else. He claimed that I haven't done anything wrong. He just insisted that he wasn't sure of his feelings anymore and that he felt that I had the right to know. I asked him if he was going to move out or file for a divorce, and he said not at this time. This is so devastating. I'm just not even sure how I'm supposed to respond to this or how I'm supposed to act. I feel like I'm walking on egg shells but I don't want to get him angry at me by asking a lot of questions. I want to be pleasant and I want to make sure our marriage is going well, but I don't want to appear fake. In short, I just don't know what to do and how to act. What's the best way to approach this?"

I could see why this wife was struggling I know first hand that there's nothing quite as painful as knowing that the person you love most in the world might not feel the same way. But fortunately, this wife intuitively knew that how she acted in the days to come could well have a dramatic impact on the outcome of her marriage. I hear from a lot of men in this situation on my blog, and I've also been through this myself, so I have a definite opinion on how to handle this, which I'll discuss below.

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As Difficult As It May Be, Try Not To Constantly Ask Him To Define His Feelings Or His Plans: I know that you'd probably do about anything to find out what your husband is thinking, planning, and feeling right now. But, repeatedly questioning him about this is often the worst thing that you can do. Many husbands say that they wish they had never been honest with their wife about these feelings because she can't talk about or focus on anything else.

She's always asking him if he's changed his mind. She's always looking for reassurance that the marriage is getting better. She's always wanting feedback that he just can't give her at the time, especially if she hasn't even given him time to evaluate. I know that you are probably tempted to constantly ask him if anything has changed. I was too. But it is usually much better to have faith that you will know when he has made a decision or has more information. And frankly, it is better if it takes him awhile to decide. Because this gives you time to try to improve things and to influence his decision, which I'll discuss now.

Try To Be Upbeat And Attempt To Make Sure That Your Marriage Feels Solid, But Don't Make This Obvious: Of course you will want to make sure that the two of you get along well and reconnect. You want to feel the spark again. But you have to walk a fine line. Because you don't want for your husband to think that you are just acting in a certain way to change his mind. You want to be completely genuine but you also want to change things if you can.

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You probably already know what your husband likes most about you. So you want to make sure that this is who he sees. You don't want for him to see the insecure, needy side of you that makes him feel guilty or makes him want to spend less time with you because he knows that doing so is only going to hurt you.

Coming Up With A Suitable Response: As to how to respond, a suggested script might be something like: "well that is very hurtful and certainly not what I wanted to hear. But I do appreciate your being honest with me. I hope that we can work this out because I still love you and I value our marriage. If there is anything that I can do or address that might improve things, I'd appreciate your telling me. Can you share anything that's bothering you?"

After saying this, now you need to listen. You don't want to argue, disagree or tell him that he's wrong. If you do any of these things, he will get defensive and you can't afford for that to happen. You want to listen because sometimes the few words that he does say will give you incredibly important clues that you need to hear in order to come up with a workable plan to return the loving feelings.

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A few weeks ago, I made a post on Facebook.

It was a little provocative, but I posted it after I asked my female accountability partner to let me know if it was appropriate to do so.

While most of my friends on Facebook showed excitement for the post and shared very encouraging comments, one person said it was inappropriate.

I had no problem with the woman disagreeing with the post, but I refused to argue back and forth with her, so I suggested that she delete it from her home page if she thought it was offensive. I also shared that using and posting this type of image was necessary.

Eventually my post was reported on Facebook!

Although I don't know exactly who reported it, I have a good idea of who it was.
Needless to say I blocked the suspected person from my Facebook friend list.
And the good news is that Facebook responded by stating the post did not violate any rules, so they did not remove it.

I'm not sure what this person's intent was in reporting my post, but I do think the person could have been handled this situation differently. Had I continued to entertain the negative comments of this person, I could have failed to send the message out to other people who could really be helped by it.

I'm not calling the individual who reported my post Satan. But I will say that the devil can use people and situations to distract and confuse you from doing what you need to do to make your marriage successful.

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The same goes with marriage. There will be times in your marriage when other people won't agree with the choices you make. In addition, Satan will never agree if your marriage honors God.

For these reasons, if you want to overcome the distractions of the enemy, consider these three ways to block him from destroying your marriage.

1) Deal with your issues from your past. Often as women we hold onto a lot of emotional ties. And for this reason, we find ourselves mistreating our husbands, yelling, screaming and disrespecting them not because of what they have done; but because of what another person, particularly a male has done to us. The sad thing is that your husband can often get caught in the crossfire of your emotional gunfire and wounds.

2) Have sex on a consistent basis. Only you and your husband can determine what consistent sex in your marriage is, but I will tell you this: once a month is probably not enough... at least for your husband!

3) Know when to talk and when to keep quiet. A lot of times our husbands don't communicate because we talk too much.

To your husband, your continual talking could be considered nagging. And when you nag, it could cause him to shut down and not talk at all. At times, your husband needs time to process some of the things you've said. He needs to think. Just because he's not talking doesn't mean he doesn't care or isn't concerned about what's on your mind.

Understand that communication is necessary in order for your marriage to work, but you have to be strategic in how you approach it.

The devil doesn't want you to experience a good marriage. He often uses people and situations to get you off track so you won't succeed. But if you use the three tactics listed above, they will help you to stay focused and recognize when the enemy of your soul interferes. As a result, you can block him out and shut him down before he has any opportunity of destroying your marriage.

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No one wants to face the possibility that their marriage is over. Even though divorce is so common in today's world, most people just don't think it will happen to them. If your spouse wants a divorce, you may still want to save the marriage. So how do you do that? And if your spouse isn't interested in saving the marriage, can it even be saved?

The bad news is that 50% of marriages end in divorce. The good news is that a majority of these marriages could have been saved with the proper course of action! People usually try marriage counseling as the last resort when the marriage is in crisis. However, traditional marriage counseling only has about a 20% success rate. With a statistic like this it is not surprising why the divorce rate is so high!

I speak from personal experience and have felt the hurt anger and frustration that happens when a person is facing a divorce that they don't want. I was devastated beyond my ability to describe. Maybe you know how that feels too! Quite honestly, I thought that my marriage was over because nothing I did seemed to help and my wife appeared to be set on a divorce. She had even met with an attorney!

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I did manage to save my marriage and this is how I did it:

1. I learned how to get myself out of the emotional condition I was in and put myself in a calm, rational and resourceful state. This is not easy but it can be done.

2. I learned about the most common critical mistakes that people make when they are facing a divorce and what to do instead.

3. I took the lead 100% in saving my marriage by learning step-by-step what to do and say to my wife and how to act. And I followed this plan even though it was different than anything I'd learned about in counseling.

Shortly after working this plan, I began to notice changes in my wife's attitude about the divorce. She agreed to begin working together on a solution to save our marriage, even though she had originally told me the marriage was over! By following a proven success formula, I was able to cause change even without her doing anything at all. That law of motion is really true when it says "with every action, there is a reaction." You just have to know the right action to take!

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Once all of the licenses have been signed and notarized, and the ceremony has been held, attended, and witnessed - you've entered into the state known as matrimony. Chances are, when you said your wedding vows, you said something along the lines of "till death do us part". Marriage is meant to last a lifetime; unfortunately, as the soaring divorce rate can attest, this often isn't the case. Whether it's from misunderstandings, infidelities, or just growing in different directions, there are ways to fix a broken marriage.

One of the first things to recognize in fixing a broken marriage is the need for understanding. Couples need to truly understand their partner, and understand what their partner is trying to say to them - with words or otherwise. Taking steps to foster that understanding in the beginning of a relationship can help head off "injuries" to the marriage later on down the road.

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For most people, if they've taken the steps to create a home together, they feel safe with their partner - or at least they did. If that feeling of safety is breached, couples will often decide to separate, officially breaking the marriage bond. People need to understand, though, that not every marital problem that arises is of crisis proportion and deserving of that separation. Learning the skills necessary to fix a broken marriage BEFORE the marriage is in trouble can keep your relationship moored in tranquil waters, not navigating the sea of divorce. Wanting to fix the problem, or problems, is the first step in actually healing that breech in the relationship. Whatever the impetus is for wanting that healing - children, being miserable single - take it and run with it, right to a professional.

Ultimately, the skill that's needed the most in fixing a broken marriage is commitment. Not just commitment to the marriage vows themselves, either, but commitment to the process of reconciliation and strengthening the relationship. One-sided commitment to marriage counseling, for example, won't work. While working on making yourself the best person you can be can absolutely benefit your marriage, the marriage itself is a group project.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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