My Husband Doesn't Turn Me On Anymore: Not Turned On By Husband - What To Do If You've Fallen Out Of Love With Your Husband

Everyone knows the essential components for a healthy marriage: communication, compromise and love. Often overlooked, however, is the importance of sex in such a long-term relationship. Many marriages see the decline of sexual activity as they progress, and this can lead to problems in the relationship. So how do you go about reviving your sex life?

Make Sure He Knows You Want Sex
In marriages, we have to deal with a lot. The stresses of work, bills, family and everything else becomes a shared responsibility. This can lead to a lot of stress, which will inevitably lead to someone saying, "Not tonight, honey." Unfortunately, this can become an implied pattern. Make sure your husband knows that you want him. Come on to him for a change. Dress up in sexy lingerie when he gets home from work. Invite him for an evening out that is reminiscent of one of your first dates. Put in a little effort to make sure he feels comfortable making love to you because he knows you want it.

Set the Mood
If your lives are busy and that seems to detract from the time you have together, chances are you've spent many a night in front of the television. Try something new! Cook him dinner, light candles, and show him that you are trying to please him. If all goes according to plan, he will take over and reward you with some incredible sex after your evening in together!

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Timing Is Everything
If you know he has a big presentation at work the next day, perhaps tonight is not the best time to try for a romantic roll in the hay. Instead, wait until he seals the deal and reward him for all his hard work with a little fun in bed! Make sure to pick a moment when you both actually have time to enjoy each other's company, in bed and afterwards. While a quickie here and there can be fun, an intimate night together can be amazing.

Branch Out
If your sex life feels a little stale, maybe it's time to try something new. Have you ever tried role playing? Find a sexy nurse's outfit and give him an exam. Dress up like a cop and arrest him. It sounds silly, but these things can be huge turn ons for a man who is used to a cut-and-dry sex life.

You may also want to consider bringing some toys into the bedroom. Lots of guys go wild watching their women pleasure themselves; try this technique to get his attention. You could even plan a trip to your local adult store together and pick out a product or two that you both can enjoy together.

The bottom line is that you need to keep your sex life regular and interesting so that things don't grow cold. He may have courted you through your dating relationship, but as his wife it is your equal responsibility to keep things hot and heavy in a marriage!

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When life throws curve balls and disappointments it can be so difficult. Nobody who truly loves their spouse just wakes up and says, I wish my marriage was over. Nobody that truly loves their spouse would not be completely remorseful for the fling that went way too far. But it happens everyday. So what do you do when you wake up and find the relationship of your life skewed and out of sync? You make a decision and that decision will work either for or against restoration. And what will probably tip the scale is the degree your relationship is skewed and out of sync. You will either turn trash into treasure or you will throw out the trash. The value you place on your mate will determine the direction that you go.

You are the only one that can determine how much disfunction is too much. You can't look to others to help you make that decision but you can seek guidance to help put things in perspective. But the final decision must be yours because you and your family are the only ones that will have to live with the results. You should know your husband or wife well enough to know if they are worth fighting for. All marriage problems have roots. If you can work together to find the root of the problem more than likely your marriage can be restored. Seriously evaluate where things began to go wrong and see if you can get those things back in sync. Then the hardest part of all will be acknowledging your contribution to the problems. This will always require that pride be moved out of the way, that you become vulnerable and transparent, and be willing to say that you are sorry for hurting your loved one.

In order for things to be restored you both have to agree that you want restoration. If this is something that you both want, then healing can begin even though it might take time. Committ to each other that you want restoration. Then begin to dig through the trash and pull out everything good you have ever had in that relationship. The good things will be a restoration point. It will give you something to work towards. Then take the trash and find the roots of how that emotional and devastating event got into the trash can. It might be too much family intervention, it might be overtaxed working schedules that left little time for relationships it might be a coldness that seemed to enter the relationship at some point. It might be financial. Whatever it is, deal with it and get them out of your lives. Somethings won't be able to be changed overnight, but each time you take an ax to the situation a little bit more gets eliminated.

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Then begin really talking to each other, even about things that are uncomfortable and difficult. Assumptions destroy marriages. You can not assume that your mate knows what you mean unless you tell them absolutely clearly and then get then to restate what you said until you make sure that they know what you mean. And if they restate your intentions incorrectly then communicate until you are both on the same page. A good marriage is one that has solid communications. You should always be talking and expressing your real emotions. Your spouse should be your most intimate partner there should not be anything that you can't talk about. Learn to communicate. This will not always be easy either, because we all come into relationships with baggage. So be willing to deal with your personal baggage, get that under control so you will feel more free to communicate and not feel that your spouse will judge you because of certain issues.

Finally invest heavily in your relationship and guard it. You invest in your relationship by giving your spouse a place of honor, by doing special things together, by expressing words of appreciation, adoration and helping each other to the fullest extent. You guard your marriage by keeping people out of it and by not allowing friends and associates persuade you to do things contrary to the personal growth for your relationship. Your spouse is number one and should be your number one priority and that should never ever change.

When marriage does not go as planned, you have the power to change the direction that it is going. Thank God for giving you strength and endurance to make it work. Dear God, please help this marriage to work. Help them to rekindle, restore and find the old place of love and laughter.

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So, what is the secret to preserving a marriage even when things seem headed toward a date in a divorce court? Handling a relationship on the rocks requires a few different things--you need to have the right outlook on the situation and you need to have a smart plan.

The right outlook involves combining a commitment to action with an optimistic understanding of your potential to solve your marital woes. You see, the number one killer of marriages isn't infidelity or financial problems. It's inaction. People feel too overwhelmed by their circumstances and just don't do anything proactive to solve their marriage's issues.

That's understandable. Living in a troubled marriage is exceedingly difficult, after all. However, there's no way around the fact that doing nothing is the fastest route to a divorce. You need to take a proactive stance on the matter, dedicating yourself to doing what it takes to make things work while understanding that you actually do have the potential to make things right.

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The other critical part of the equation is to work on your marriage with the right plan. The stakes are high and it doesn't make a great deal of sense to try to solve your problems with guesswork or by playing hunches. This is a very serious situation and it calls for a smart, studied and proven plan of action.

That doesn't mean that you need to spend hours with analysts and therapists. You don't need your own advanced degree in human psychology, either. What you do need is a good blueprint for saving marriage that's been designed and refined by an expert with a real track record of success.

Saving marriage isn't always easy, but it isn't rocket science, either. If you can combine the right perspective with the right plan, you can save your marriage.

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Are you feeling that your marriage is going to fall apart soon and you are still not able to understand what exactly is wrong? Under such circumstances of frustration, the easy way out seems to get divorced, but still, this is not the option you really want from your heart. After all, your family and spouse are important for you and you want to work your marriage out and find some ways to save marriage.

Some of the most significant and effective tips for saving a marriage are given in this article, although several other factors are also involved in maintenance of a happy married life. First of all, both husband and wise should commit themselves sincerely to mend the mistakes they made in the past and make a resolution to not to repeat them again in their life.

If you really want to save your marriage, then never indulge in a blame game. Instead, you should try to analyze calmly the problems and work out the solutions as well. You should be clear about what you expect from your marriage and understand what the areas of differences between you two are.

Instead of uttering any matter in a blunt and harsh manner, you can discuss every issue in a nice and polite way. Try to know what your spouse expects from you and do your best to meet his or her expectations. If you have some complaints from your spouse, then do not assume that he or she can read your heart. In such a situation, communication proves to be the sure shot medicine.

If you are still feeling that communication will not work under marital circumstances, both of you should decide to go to a professional counselor. He or she will suggest you some ways to save marriage.

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