My Husband Is A Nag: Nagging Husband What To Do

Nagging can be defined as incessant complaint by a partner with regard to someone's habit or behavioral pattern in a relationship. It is a common cause of most broken relationships. It can start with a salient or hushed remark about simple issues like food, dress or house keeping. How then can one handle a nagging spouse?

Never retaliate
There is always the temptation to retaliate when the issue of nagging crops up, but it is important to avoid falling into such temptations. The process of nagging creates a hurting effect in an individual and the best way to handle it is not to retaliate, because two wrongs cannot make a right. Retaliation is a sign of immaturity and lack of forgiveness.

Show love and understanding
The more love we shower upon our spouse who is always nagging, the less frequent the occurrence of nagging can occur. It however takes more than an effort to display love were nagging becomes severe. Love is like a stream which quenches the flame ignited by nagging. Love has the capacity to forgive any wrong done on our person, no matter how severe it is. Life can be difficult sometimes especially with families and kids coming in. Things may not go exactly as you planned it, and this may result to nagging from either partner, but it is very important that love and understanding be shown.

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Open channels of communications
The urge is always strong to avoid direct contact with a nagging wife or husband. When partners no longer talk to each other due to the problem of nagging, it can aggravate the entire issue and blow it out of proportion. I have often seen couples who avoid each other for lengthy period because of this single problem and at the end of the day; it becomes extremely difficult to reconcile both parties due to the enormous damage that has been inflicted. The more open both partners are, the easier it is to handle this negative attribute which is capable of destroying relationships.

Appreciate any positive progress made
When a partner makes any positive progress in a given area, it is important that appreciation be extended. When an individual knows his/her effort to create a positive change is being noticed, it will aid total transformation and eliminate negative barriers. It is not enough to complain about things your partner has failed to do, but also to appreciate the little things he/she does. It may sound childish, but it thus work wonders.

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Neither John nor Janet are trying to let their true feelings show. They are at a nice restaurant celebrating their eleventh wedding anniversary. Both of them are bored to death.

John is thinking about a ballgame he is missing on television and Janet would rather be reading a good book.

Are you.....

Struggling with the "I love him but I'm not in love with him blues?"

Tired of feeling that you are never going to make her happy?

Pretending that he didn't mean to forget your birthday again?

Arguing over the dumbest things?

Wishing that she would just shut up?

Wondering why you are still with him?

Feeling unappreciated?

Tired of being the one to say "I'm sorry"

If this is sounding familiar then your marriage is most likely stuck in a rut. A rut develops gradually over time and can be extremely spirit breaking to either or both partners. Here are some common bad habits that can erode a marriage:

(1) Put Downs or Hurtful Teasing. If your partner tells you that your comments are hurtful or offensive, then stop it. Don't defend your comments with comebacks like, "You're just being sensitive." or "Can't you take a joke?" Would you allow someone else to talk to your spouse this way? Put downs and hurtful teasing are disrespectful and only makes your spouse feel unappreciated and less than important.

(2) Being Undependable. Who wants to be married to someone who cannot be counted on? Do you break your promises? Do you say you will do something and then don't do it? Are you frequently late? Does your "to do list" have cobwebs on it? Marriage is a partnership not a babysitting assignment.

(3) Refusing To Forgive. Resentment over past hurts or betrayals will destroy the future of your marriage. Not forgiving will slowly kill your spouse's love for you and will ruin your own mental and physical health. Forgiveness does not mean you should forget or approve of hurtful behavior. If just gives your marriage a fighting chance to be refilled with love, peace and happiness. Don't let your stubbornness cause the end of your marriage.

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(4) Putting Romance On The Back Burner. You were so thoughtful and considerate at the beginning of this relationship. What happened? Everything seems like an inconvenience or an obligation. Stop telling yourself that "someday" you will be romantic again. Get on the ball. Being romantic towards your spouse will keep you young at heart.

(5) Not Listening and Not Communicating. Make your spouse feel special by getting yourself involved in the interactive process of talking and listening. Remember this is a two way street. Stop allowing your mind to wander. Stay focused. Don't interrupt. Truly strive to understand what your spouse has to say. Your spouse is more important than the mail, the computer or your television.

(6) Being Selfish And Cheap. Do you buy whatever you want but raise a stink if your spouse spends a dime? Do you hog the remote control and watch only the programs you want? Do you take your spouse to the cheaper restaurants? Is a vacation out of the question only because you would rather spend the money on something you want? Do you make your spouse's friends feel uncomfortable at your home because you don't want the hassle of entertaining?

(7) Always Having To Be Right. Do you lecture or talk down to your spouse? Do you have to have the last word? Do you have temper tantrums in order to get your way? It is very hard to love a know-it-all. Open yourself up to the possibility that there are other opinions and approaches than your own.

Confucius says, "A man who has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it is committing another mistake." Don't take your spouse for granted. Don't accept a status quo marriage. Decide to make your marriage be all that it can be. It is possible. I see couples fix even the worst case scenarios once they decide they want it to work. If you have mistreated your spouse, admit you were wrong, then make things right. Commit yourself to stick with your resolutions even if it gets hard sometimes. Stay away from an "I'll be nice if you are nice" approach. Be easy to get along with. And while you're at it, build your spouse up with compliments and words of appreciation.

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It doesn't matter how perfect two people are matched with each other, from time to time, difficulties may arise. More often than not, these problems are handled in a relatively simple manner and the married couple will move on with her life.

There are times, however, whenever these problems continue to compound and it may end up causing some problems that seem to be an impenetrable barrier between a married couple. Even though it may be tough, there are ways to save the marriage that have been proven to work for many marriages, even one there is a lot of hurt and involved.

One of the most common reasons why marriages fail is because of infidelity on the part of one of the marriage mates. What most people don't realize, however, is that this infidelity is rarely the case of an accident that simply happens. Although it may be possible that somebody is in a situation where something unexpected happens, typically, there has been problems growing for quite some time.

In order to save a marriage, therefore, you're going to need to get to the root of the problems and solve them for where they reside and not simply try to put a Band-Aid on a wound that is too large to heal.

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Saving a marriage can be done in a number of different ways but the most important point is that those parts of the marriage party must be willing to work it out. It is very difficult for one person in a marriage to keep the marriage going for a long period of time.

Yes, they may be able to stay together as a married couple, but they only do so on a convenience and they are not truly in a marriage that they enjoy. It is necessary to build the bond with your partner again in order to start enjoying your marriage as you did when it was new.

The answers could be in finding some help that will guide you through this process. A guide that will provide you with the necessary skills to identify possible problems before they get out of hand, and proven solutions to make your marriage stronger than it was before.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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When people find that their marriage is falling apart, they start turning to others with an SOS cry to help save their marriage. SOS cries are given by people in a ship when they find that their ship is sinking and they are unable to do anything about it, except for watching helplessly. But they do not realize that they can do a lot to seal the leak and save the ship of marriage from sinking.

- Sacrifice a bit: People often expect their partners to do all the adjustments and the sacrifices, while they will just sit and watch, without even appreciating the other's contribution. It does not require a lot of sacrifice from you to help save marriage. A few graceful acts to show your love to your partner can do miracles. Call them sacrifices if you want, but in reality they are only small adjustments, which you can do without much trouble.

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- Think from a different perspective: It is a well known fact that things may take different shapes, when looked at from different angles. Probably, you have been viewing things from your perspective for too long. For a change, step into your partner's shoes. Look at things from their perspective. You are in for a surprise.

- Pour your heart out: A lot of misunderstandings are created by feelings trapped in our minds. Sharing your feelings with the other can be of great help. In most of the cases, an open communication will heal the wounds of discard and help save marriage. If it does not, you will at least feel relieved of a heavy burden in your heart and will be ready for a break up, if that is going to be inevitable.

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