My Husband Is Not Turned On By Me Anymore: I Don't Turn My Husband On Anymore

If you want to be the best lover that your man has ever had, then you need to learn how to turn him on. You need to learn what turns his crank and what has him heading for the hills. When you know how to turn him on, then you know what he likes and therefore, you can please him much better.

When it comes to turning on a man, there are a number of things that you can do. For example, you can use some foreplay on him such as kissing him deeply and with a lot of passion. You can also simulate sex with clothes on and tease him a little as that will definitely turn him on. However, these are things that he has all experienced before and he is looking for something new. Everyone's turn ons need a change up once in a while and you want to know what to do next.

You want to know the surprising secret that is going to get your man aroused in seconds. You want to know exactly what to do to get him going so crazy that he cannot even help himself. You want to turn him on.

The secret to turning him on the most is to make him chase you. Men want what they can't have and when you dangle something in front of him that he wants, yet you put it out of reach, it drives him crazy. Even if you are in a relationship for many years, you can still achieve this kind of turn on for your man. For example, when you two are in the bedroom, try tying him on. You can use foreplay on him but when he cannot touch you, it will drive him mad. He will be pulling and yanking on the handcuffs to free himself so he can finally have you. The more distant you make yourself, the more turned on and aroused he will be.

This tip especially works well in public. If you two are going out for the evening, dress in something that either shows off your sexy legs or your busting cleavage. All he is going to think about is ripping those clothes off of you and taking you right there. If you dangle the goods in front of him, he is going to want you even more. Knowing that he can't have you right there will drive him crazy and the anticipation in his body will only further build, making him turned on and aroused in seconds.

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Intimacy in any marriage is way too important. We hear couples complaining that things are not the same after marriage and they have lost the intimacy they used to have before marriage. It is true that with the passage of time and growing social needs, a couple might not get time for each other, but then taking out time for each other is one of the most important things to sustain a relationship. Both partners needs to work on building couple intimacy into marriage.

It is very important that husband and wife make some good effort to build intimacy in their marriage. Intimacy is not limited to physical needs only. Emotional and mental intimacy is as important as physical intimacy. It gives a sense of security to the partners. Just because you think that you have lost the intimacy in your marriage does not mean that you can cheat on your partner. You can build couple intimacy in marriage only by working on a few things.

In order to build couple intimacy in your marriage, the first thing that you need to do is to start taking things positively. Do not blame your partner for everything. It is important for you to start looking at positive sides of your partner, in order to reconnect with him. Always put yourself in their shoes and then think about the situation. This will develop a concern for your partner in you, which will bring a lot of positive effects in your relationship.

Another important thing is communication. Do not keep things to yourself. Communication is the most important part of any relationship and keeping things to your own self can create misunderstandings.

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You should be able to talk to your partner about everything. You must be able to discuss your physical and emotional needs without feeling awkward. You should make your partner feel comfortable, so that he/she can discuss his/her needs.

If you have lost couple intimacy in your life, your entire married life can get affected. Do not wait for your partner to make the first move so that things can get better. Spending time together is extremely important. If you both are busy with your careers, you must take out time for some small weekend vacation, in order to spend some good time together.

Make your partner feel special every now and then. You do not have to wait for birthdays or special occasions to give gifts or shower them with compliments. You can do this on any regular days as well. In order to build "couple intimacy", compliment your partner on random basis. You can also bring for them flowers, chocolates or whatever they like. Surprise them with small gestures, and it would work for you as wonders.

Physical intimacy plays an important role in any marriage. It also keeps you satisfied emotionally and mentally. If you have some issues regarding physical intimacy, talk to your partner about it. Make special efforts to improve the physical intimacy between you two. If you are not there for your partner, it can lead to some serious problems in your marital life. Make sure that you are caring and understanding towards your partner's needs.

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Fixing a marriage should not be taken lightly. A marriage and a relationship is like a plant that needs constant nurturing to see it grow the ways it needs to be, for decades to come. If you don't take your relationship too seriously, in a way that it dramatically effects your partner, then realize that this may be pushing him or her further away from you.

Then, step back and see what made you fall in love with your spouse in the first place. There must have been something there in which the both of you shared a mutual feeling and intimacy, to get to the current level of marriage in your lives. So, look back and see what made your life much sweeter back then and then you can understand how to repair your issues a little better.

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If you are trying to repair a marriage or relationship by constantly arguing, then you are going about this the wrong way. This will only push your partner further away from you. This will also allow them to seek the comfort of another that shows them affection and the compassion of not fighting.

Communication, listening, understanding, compassion and the understanding that arguing will get you both nowhere, are some key traits that you can implement in your lives to successfully save your marriage or relationship.

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If you don't know what men want in a long-term relationship, then you have to learn from a great artist.

The difference between a great relationship and ordinary relationship is similar to a difference between a great artist and a common artist. A common artist gives the same direction to the picture as he sees it. In his painting, he shows a 70-year-old woman like a 70-year-old woman. On the other hand, a great artist displays those things in his art which people usually don't notice. In his paintings, he shows the image of 20-year-old girl in a 70-year-old woman. He spills the young desires, feelings, and aspirations in the face of 70-year-old woman. That's why, a great artist remains alive in the hearts of people.

In our relationships, we are like artists. If our existence, or love, is common, the sun of our happiness will set soon. We'll crave for joy, love, and laughter in our relationship. But, if our love is great, then every day of our life will be interesting, colorful, and beautiful. We'll spend our lives in the best ways.

What Men Want

The way a great artist displays the colors of life in his every painting, the same way a man wants to have a relationship with full of colors and happiness.

I have a friend who has spent 11 years of her married life. And, she's still spending a beautiful life with her husband. She is like that winner who has crossed many, and the most difficult, eras of her relationship. Whenever I see her with her husband, it seems that I am watching the most wonderful relationship.

Before writing on this topic, I asked a few questions from my friends about her successful married life. I tried to find out what is so special in her which keeps her husband connected with her. In that friendly interview, I came to know that my friend is an expert in the field of psychology, and she uses her expertise in her own relationship and keep herself very attractive for her husband.

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When I asked her, what's the secret of her love life, she smiled and said, "You just need to know what your man wants. When you know what he wants, you control his mind and heart; he starts loving you that much that you cannot even imagine."

After that, she shared a valuable secret with me. When I came back home and learnt about that secret in depth, I had a pleasant discovery. I found that, every happy woman uses this secret in her marital life. Especially, female superstars use this secret in their life. That's why they stay desirable for their men whole life.

Here, I am going to share that important secret with you. That secret light up the candles of love in the heart of a man and make him love you more and more. If you won't use this secret in your life, it would become very difficult for you to be successful in your relationship. However, if you use this secret, you would make your relationship easier and successful. This secret makes a man realize that you are the best for him, and no one can ever take your place.

"Win His Emotions, Not His Sexual Desire"

To some extent, I can believe that sex is very for important for a man. But, I will never accept that you can win a man's emotions through sex. By using sex as a weapon, you can make a man your follower for a limited time, but you cannot keep him in love forever. Because, a man's emotions and feelings are more important than his sexual desires. He does everything in his life according to his emotions and feelings.

You surely must have felt in your relationship that men normally do work according to their emotions. Their emotions heavily control them. For example, if their emotions are in anger, they will stay the angry whole day. Their mind will stop working. They won't listen to any logic, and they will do things as they want. On the other hand, if they are in emotions of love, then they'll forget all the bitterness of their relationship. They'll be focused on you like a lion, and they will shower their love on you from every way. Because of these points, you can guess the psychology of men. You can understand that it's highly important for you to win his emotions. Winning his emotions is the first step to your success.

Generally, wives try to end the bitterness of their relationship through sex. Wives feel that men only want sex. Therefore, they try to win the sexual desires, instead of emotions. Consequently, they stay unsuccessful in their relationship.

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When we watch those movies which have been made on the warriors of history, we realize the importance of men's emotions. In those movies, a woman tries to win the emotions of his man. And, as a result, her man does everything in his power to keep her safe. He breaks the rules, he crosses every limit, he puts his life in danger, and he kills thousands of people for being with his woman.

If you want your man to love you like a warrior, you have to win his emotions; you have to trigger the feelings of love in his emotions; you have to make him want you badly. And, you can do this by focusing on your personality. Your best weapon is your personality. If you can make your personality attractive, you can make your man want you, and you can make him do anything for you.

Nowadays, women use sexy attires for being attractive. I agree that sexy attires fire up the men's emotions, but you cannot make men want you whole life because of them. In order to make your man want you, you have to be gorgeous. Because, a gorgeous woman always steals the hearts of men and keep them under her magic.

If you are with your friends, or if you are in a party, you should look gorgeous. If you are looking gorgeous, you will catch the eye of every man. Every man would love to be with you. And, your husband will feel proud that you are his wife.

You can make yourself gorgeous through different ways. For example: you can make yourself gorgeous through your dressing, habits, activities, ambitions, and works etc. As women want a masculine man in their lives, the same way men want a gorgeous woman in their lives. According to men, a gorgeous woman looks mature, loving, and faithful. That's why, when a man sees a gorgeous woman, he wants to live his life with her.

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