My Husband Is Not Turned On By Me Anymore: I Don't Turn My Husband On Anymore

When two people tie the knot, they're supposed to be loyal to each other all the time. They need to stick to their marriage vows to love and care for each other till death. However, this is not always the case as some get into extra marital affairs at some point in their lives. Worse, some are not able to realize their mistakes and just drift away from their relationship leading to divorce.

Although a relationship is always a two-way street, wives normally assume a greater responsibility in managing their marriage. As such, they need to find ways to nurture their bond and keep the flame of love alive for the long term. Making the extra effort and being consistent are essential in this aspect.

There are actually numerous ways to improve a marriage. Not every step, however, may be effective in every relationship so you'll have to try it in order to know if it'll work for you and your husband. You can read books or just browse conveniently on the internet and you will surely be able to gather a wealth of information on how to keep your relationship strong moving forward.

One latest discovery on how wives can keep their husbands attracted to them is about using the color red. Studies have found that red is considered a stimulant for men. This color arouses them and increases their desire to chase. If you still don't know it yet, red has already been considered for centuries as a color of seduction and linked to passionate women.

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A 2008 research conducted by the University of Rochester also showed that men are more attracted sexually to women wearing red clothes. This finding is said to have a link to the natural mating instinct of primates. It's been found that female baboons and chimpanzees actually redden while nearing their ovulation period thereby signaling the males that the mating season is about to start.

So if you get the cue, why not try this tip of wearing something red when you and your husband go out on a date. Whether you're dining out at night or going away for a weekend without the kids, there's no harm in wearing something red to keep him close by.

Apart from this, however, you also need to show your loving gestures every day as much as possible. Giving your partner a hug and kiss every morning you wake up, before he leaves for work and before you sleep can make him aware that you love and care for him.

Don't forget as well to make your husband a priority over your kids. This may surprise you but according to the experts and those who have done this in their own relationship, it's an effective way of making your marital bond last for a long time. The tendency for some wives is to make their children on top of their list but this attitude will only make your husband feel inferior.

So there, these are some of the new steps you can take to keep your marriage strong. Never get tired of doing them and you will eventually feel satisfied and happy in your relationship.

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I recently heard from a wife whose husband had been telling her for quite some time that he loved her, but was no longer "in love" with her. He assured his wife that because of their small children, he had no immediate plans for a divorce. But the wife knew that this was a distinct possibility in the future. And she didn't know how long she was going to be able to survive living with someone who didn't love her in the way that he should. She knew that she deserved and wanted more. She wanted to remain married for the sake of her children also, but she didn't want to be sentenced to a loveless marriage forever either.

She wanted to know if there was any way to turn this situation around and she was looking for some advice on what she could do to change things. In reality, she still loved her husband but she feared that he would never feel the same about her again. I'll tell you what I told her in the following article.

The Difference Between Then And Now: I asked this wife if her relationship was always "loveless" and if the husband had always been sort of indifferent to her. She confided that he had not. In fact, in the beginning, he was very much "in love" with his wife. The two were joined at the hip, hated to spend any time apart, and connected on a deep and meaningful level.

However, about five years into the marriage after a couple of kids came into the picture, things began to gradually change. The husband began to be less attentive and affectionate. He wasn't as interested in spending as much time together and he began to act annoyed by the wife's requests for more attention. Of course, the wife responded with frustration and this only encouraged the cycle to continue.

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Most people who are in the middle of this situation will look at it with a bit of misunderstanding. They will think that the spark is gone and that they, or their spouse, have changed for the worst. People often can not see that it's the circumstances and not the feelings that have changed. In reality, it's often priorities and the allotment of time that changes. The feelings merely follow suit.

What He Really Means When He Says He's Not "In Love" With You: As I said, many people will misinterpret what is happening. They will assume that their frustration and the lessening intimacy means that the feelings of being "in love" are gone. Men are especially guilty of this because they often are not in touch enough with their feelings to be able to perceive what is really happening.

And what is usually happening is that his wife (because of obligations, children, and other priorities) is not giving his as much time and attention as he is used to. She no longer is looking up at him with adoring eyes, not because she no longer loves him but because she has too many things on her plate to brush all of her obligations to the side.

Although many people don't realize it, men have similar needs to women. They want to feel understood. And they want to feel valued enough that you are going to make the time for them, and that you care about them and want them enough to tweak your to do list a little bit. When this doesn't happen, rather than making a request like a reasonable adult, they will often retreat and begin to take their assumptions as fact. Their disappointment and resentment will often contribute to their thinking that the spark is gone and that the love is lost.

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Taking Small Steps To Ensure That He Falls In Love With You Again: In truth, your relationship likely did not get this way overnight. So, it's not all that unrealistic to think that you can change your attention and your priorities one day and then feel deeply in love the next. This road is often a series of small trips that end with the two of you wanting to repeat the process.

To avoid awkwardness and to lay a decent foundation, start slow and do the things that you can easily and naturally incorporate into your life. Go out alone. Hold hands. Take walks. Show him the attentive, happy, and focused woman who he fell in love with. I know that it's highly likely that you don't see yourself this way. But, he likely still sees you, at least deep down, as the woman he first fell in love with and it should be pretty obvious by now that he deeply misses her.

If you can bring her back, you'll likely see that sweet and eager young man who couldn't do enough for you and who light up every time he looked at you. Time in not the thief of these things, but neglect is. Often if you fix the neglect, things will slowly fall back into place.

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Think about the title of this article for just a moment and how corny it sounds. I don't love you anymore. Actually when a spouse says, "I don't love you anymore" it means they don't want to love you anymore. Selfishness has taken precedent in this person's life and they are simply tired of doing things that show love, such as sacrifice, respect and responsibility. Because all three of these are what love is!

There is so much of the "I don't love you anymore" between couples in marriage that marriage gurus have to come up with more and more articles and books on "how to win your ex back" and "how to make your ex fall back in love with you". What kind of love are these articles referring to? You can't just "fall out of love" with your spouse or significant other if you weren't really loving them in the first place.

You shouldn't have to try and win your ex spouse back if he or she belongs to you. Didn't God bless you with the person you are married to? Of course He did. Couples should be reading articles on how to bring God into their marriage so they may learn how to love one another with real love. What is real love? When you sacrifice a part of your self for your spouse that is love. When you try to understand your spouse that is love. When you do things that show love, even when you don't feel like it that is love.

So you see, when all is said and done, it won't matter what worldly tactics you use to try and "be loved" or "win back love" or "love others" unless you are committed to the relationship. Marriage commitment is a lifestyle and marriage non-commitment is a lifestyle.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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For instance, if you are used to living by your feelings and doing whatever you want then that is the lifestyle you have made for yourself. If you are used to showing love by sharing yourself and working at being a loving person in your marriage then you have made that your lifestyle. Your commitment level shows in your lifestyle; it shows in what you do for your marriage.

The "I don't love you anymore" attitude is based upon feelings only, and that's all. The person who says they "don't love anymore" may actually believe it because they have been taught that love is a feeling. When you first think you are "in love" with someone, that is only a mixture of desire and lust. That's all it is. This is why two or three years later when these feelings are gone, you believe you aren't "in love" anymore.

If you want to save your marriage you have to "be committed"! You have to "show your love" through your commitment. It doesn't matter how you feel about each other as much as what you are going to do to stay married. You can live an uncommitted lifestyle for your marriage or you can take responsibility for "your part in the marriage" and be happy with what God has blessed you with. It's all up to you. You make your own happiness!

Remember, love is not how your feel, but what you do. Have you shown your love to your spouse today? Love is a choice. You choose to love or not to love. You choose to take responsibility for your marriage, or not. You choose to sacrifice your happiness for the sake of your spouse, or not. You choose to love because it is what Jesus Christ has taught us to do.

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What are some of the more popular marriage counselling questions that couples nowadays ask?

The most important marriage counselling question that a lot of couples ask is whether or not family therapy is effective or not. This is because with the constant emergence of websites and couples' therapy houses, advertising that they could easily patch up couples' relationships, a lot of couples become hesitant to undergo couple sessions and receive professional help from psychiatrists and shrinks. These couples though already experiencing problems in their marriage delay their visits to marriage counsellors until it becomes too late to mend up their ruined relationship as husbands and wives. Though it may help, it cannot guarantee a 100% success in solving your problems, they help you realize the need to address simple problems before they accumulate and become sources for bigger and more-strenuous-to-solve problems.

Another of the more common counseling questions being asked is about who should receive marriage counselling. Young couples, couples from low-income backgrounds, couples with parents who are divorced, couples with low educational attainment and couples from inter-faith marriages are usually the most probable candidates for divorce. This is why marriage counsellors look out for these couples so that they could prevent what seems to be the inevitable: that these couples will eventually file for divorce.

You see marriage counselling cannot just do a lot of things to improve marriages and relationships. Marriage counsellors and psychiatrists are also able to come up with new studies and information that will help and guide you to make better and well-informed decisions as husbands and wives. Most importantly marriage counsellors are able to prepare answers for the possible marriage counselling queries that you might have.

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