My Husband Left and Won't Talk To Me: Husband Moved Out and Won't Talk To Me

Everyone who has even dealt with a martial separation knows that it is very challenging. And this is true even when communication is open and frequent. This is also true even when you knew that the separation was coming. But, when there was very little warning that a separation was approaching and your spouse won't communicate after it occurs, this can make an already hard situation that much more difficult.

To demonstrate, I might hear from a wife who says: "I am not going to tell you that I had the perfect marriage because I didn't. We definitely had our problems. We always argued about money. My husband expected me to live like a pauper, so much so that any time that I spent money, I'd had to do it on the sly. And when he caught me, he would act as if I did something awful, even if I only bought a DVD or pair or shorts or something. That is our main issue. We also argue about his meddling mother, but the money issue is by far our biggest problem. So we got our bank statement last Wednesday. I stayed late at work because I knew that I was going to come home to an argument. Instead of coming home to an argument, I came home to an empty house. There wasn't any note, but there were clothes scattered across the bed and his suitcase was gone along with many of his clothing and personal possessions. I suspected that he was at his brother's so I called over there. His brother confirmed that he was there but informed me that my husband didn't want to talk to me. I gave it a couple of days and then I called again. I got the same response. I was told that my husband had nothing to say to me. So I started texting and emailing. No response. I know exactly why my husband is so mad at me. He thinks that I spent money that we don't have. But I'm stunned that he seems to be intent on doing this whole separation without speaking. I know that I can't really force him to talk to me, but what happens if we just continue not speaking? Is there anything that I can do to make him talk to me so that we can work through this?"

I know that this hurts and that this is very frustrating. But I have to expect that at some point, you will have to speak. Because although he might chose to remain silent for the short term, one would think that eventually, he is going to have to decide on a course of action and communicate the same with you. I have no way of knowing whether he was serious enough about this that he would take is so far as to initiate a divorce. But it is hard to believe that, if he was, he would do all of this without speaking to you.

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What May Be Happening: I think that the more likely scenario is two fold. First, he probably needs and wants some time to calm down. Perhaps he is afraid of saying something that he will regret. Or, he isn't yet sure where he's going to go from here and he doesn't see the point in having a discussion until he has some clarity. Also, he may want to keep quiet to drive the point home as to how upset he is. Regardless, any of these scenarios eventually come to a natural end where there will come a time where it is appropriate to talk.

What You Can Do Right Now: In the meantime, I don't think that there is anything wrong with reaching out to him and letting him know that when he is ready to have a conversation, then you are more than willing to do so. But I think that this wife was right to have patience and to not attempt to force the conversation. Because when you force this onto a reluctant spouse, what you will often get is an argument rather than the productive conversation that you really want.

My suggestion would be to try to just leave a quick note or email saying something like: "I do understand why you angry right now and that you don't want to talk. I respect your need for time and space, but I will also be ready and willing to talk with you when you are ready to do so. There are some things that I'd like to say, but I would also like to listen. I don't want for you storming out and then refusing to talk to me to be the last memory that we have together. I know that emotions are high right now. But that won't last forever. So when things calm down, I hope that we can sit down and begin to work through this. I'm more than willing to change some of my habits and to work with you to overcome this. But as I said, I respect your need for silence right now and I will wait to hear from you."

Believe it or not, sometimes just showing him this respect and your willingness to give him time will bring about the conversation a little earlier. But this wife was right not to push. Because if you push, you will likely argue and make this worse. And that isn't really what you want. Getting a reaction isn't worth it if the cost is a worsening situation. Instead, you want to have patience and calm so that you are able to make the situation better.

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When your spouse doesn't love you anymore, or at least you think that way, it can be a very tough time in life. After years of leaning on your spouse in tough times, this feeling of being alone can go a long way in making you desperate. But you are reading this article, which means that even if your spouse doesn't love you anymore, you aren't ready to give up and want to do things in order to make your spouse love you again. And there are such things - just keep reading.

Never forget the fact that a marriage is a romantic relationship and the base of that is sexuality. So, when your spouse doesn't love you anymore, you should ask yourself if the intimacy in your marriage has waned away. Yes, it might be the case that several problems made the intimacy diminish - and this caused newer problems in return; which is a circle that would end in divorce. So, break this circle, and try to be physically close to your spouse. You should never let intimacy go - it is something that needs to be there for a successful marriage.

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Over the years the roles in the family can change dramatically. Especially with the arrival of children, you assume a parent role as well, in addition to the "romantic partner" role. When your spouse doesn't love you anymore, ask this to yourself: Am I still a good romantic partner? Have I let my "parent role" or another role get in the way of my "soulmate" role? I am sure that your honest answer will be that, "no, I am not as good as a romantic partner as I was back then when we married." So try to get back to that state. Do things together and alone with your spouse and rekindle the love.

When trying to re-ignite the romance, some certain things you can do and say can literally force your spouse to feel the way he or she was when you were flirting. And doing the wrong things might make your spouse even less attracted towards you.

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How do you know if your husband truly loves you is a question many married women wonder about. Relationships change over the years and even though you and your husband may have been incredibly close at one time, that can change as the pressures of daily life take over. If you've started to wonder whether your husband is in love with you the way he was when you two first married, there are some signs that suggest his feelings have started to change. If you notice any of them in your relationship it's time to address the issues that are causing you two to drift apart.

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If your husband has started making excuses for not spending as much time with you as he used to, that can be a sign that he isn't as deeply in love with you as he once was. When a man's feelings begin to shift he may feel that the only way to effectively deal with it is not to deal with it at all. The way that many men do this is by busying themselves with other things. It can range from being more focused with work to becoming obsessed with a new hobby. If you genuinely feel that your husband just doesn't want to spend time with you anymore, ignoring that won't make it go away.

One of the answers to the question of how do you know if your husband truly loves you is his willingness to make your life easier. When you two first married chances are that your spouse would go out of his way to do whatever he could to ensure that you had a happy, uncomplicated and fulfilling life. If your husband isn't being as attentive with things around the house such as pitching in with chores or accompanying you on outings, there may be more to it than meets the eye. He may feel emotionally disconnected from you and therefore doesn't feel as driven to please you. If that's the case, and you still love him, you need to start repairing the relationship before it's too late.

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Marriage is a commitment between two people who will cherish and love each other for the rest of their life. They care for each other, share amazing times together and they create an air of security for one another. Relationships always have their ups and downs. Marriage is no different to a relationship. If you're constantly arguing it can become quite tough on the both of you. It's gotten so out of hand your spouse wants a divorce, but how can you stop it?

If your partner wants to end things there is always a solution to stop your divorce. Be positive and find the solution. Relationships and marriages always begin on a high. You're loved up, do everything together and love to be around one another. This is great but eventually you or your partner will feel too close to you and find you clingy.

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It's particularly important to give each other some space so you can be yourself. As silly as it sounds, you can forget who you actually are in a long term committed marriage. Allow your spouse to do things they love to do. Perhaps it's going to the gym or perhaps it's going into town on a Friday night. Let them be individual and themselves. This is key if you wish to stop your divorce.

You need to learn to appreciate things your partner does. It can be as simple as doing your cleaning, washing the dishes, taking your children to school; who knows?! If you wish to save your marriage and stop your divorce, you have to learn to appreciate. This will help your spouse regain confidence which they may well have lost in the past.

You need to start complementing your spouse rather than causing a petty little argument. Learn to love them and show your affectionate side again. This will work wonders in stopping your divorce. Try it today!

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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