My Husband Makes Me Feel Sexually Inadequate: I Feel Inadequate Sexually

While the act of lovemaking may be a charged physical thing when you are stuck in a sexless marriage your best bet may be to forget flowers and foot baths to get them in the mood and instead engage in the art of conversation. This is not just "how was your day honey" but instead you need to uncover the reasons behind your spouses sudden lack of intimacy because o fix your sexless marriage you need to go well beyond the superficial and get to the emotional distress that has turned your hot lover into a cold fish.

This is because the vast majority of sexless marriages are caused by dissatisfaction with something within your marriage, within your partner or from external sources even. These emotions may be hard for your spouse to fully articulate to you normally but if you communicate well you can uncover these problems which may lead to immediate changes or at least a pathway to fix your sexless marriage.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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There is one thing however you MUST know before you even try to uncover these things which are:

Never make your conversation about your wants and needs!

This immediately sounds whiny and needy and will put them on the defensive and nothing good will come of it. You can talk about your emotions and feelings but it is better to focus on your partner and the whys and whats of their feelings towards sex and your marriage.

Another thing you need to know if that it is not YOUR fault even if they blame you for this problem because husbands and wives should be lovers and the one that is not being a lover is the one with the issue which needs to be mutually solved.

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Not too many years ago I was in the middle of a really bad marriage and my spouse was telling me she wanted a divorce. If you are trying to save your marriage from divorce then you probably know the pain and frustration first hand. I want to let you know about a discovery I made that can help you stop a divorce even if your spouse says the marriage is over.

When my wife and I were married I guess I foolishly believed that we would be different and our love would last forever. Maybe I didn't do enough to take care of my marriage. I sure wasn't expecting to see my marriage crumble before my eyes, but that's exactly what was happening. Still, I guess I always thought that somehow things would just work themselves out if we both hung in there. Boy was I wrong!

I was devastated the day my wife said the marriage was over. I was not expecting her to do anything like that and the pain and hurt I felt were overwhelming! How could she do this after the life we had built together? Sure, things weren't perfect between us, but was divorce really the answer? I had to get her to change her mind!

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Problem was I had no idea how to save my marriage. In fact, everything I did seemed to have the opposite effect and made things worse. Yes, despite my best efforts my marriage was slipping even further away. I started to feel like my marriage was hopeless.

But just when everything seemed over for us, I made an important discovery. It turned out that I had been pretty much doing the exact opposite of what I should have been doing and was making the classic mistakes most people make. These mistakes were destroying any chance I would have to save my marriage.

I had been smothering my wife and instead learned I should love here enough to let her go. The more I had been pushing, the more she had been pulling away. And I had to put my negative emotions (anger, hurt, jealousy, and desperation) behind me and replace them with calm and rational confidence. This enabled me to take the lead in saving the relationship and to take the right kind of action.

I was able to implement a very powerful action plan that changed the dynamics of our relationship, even though my spouse had been doing nothing to save our marriage. With every action there is a reaction. It was nothing short of amazing the difference in taking the right action made! And our relationship was not only saved because of this but is now better than it has ever been.

I had been looking at the marriage all wrong and so had my wife. We figured it out in time and now we have a wonderful marriage. I am so glad I took immediate action when I did.

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"How to fix my marriage" may be a topic that is uppermost in your mind. If you are experiencing frequent disagreements and seem to be pulling away from each other, fixing marriage issues is jut what you need.

Actually, fixing a marriage may be done more quickly than you think.

Many who have recognized their problem and need of answers have brought their marriages back from the brink of divorce. If both of you are really committed to restoration, the process may be done much more quickly than you thought possible.

Couples who have restored their marriages have discovered a secret.

Here is that secret: Commitment will recover a marriage.

Here are six astounding ways to go about fixing marriage issues for that couple who is truly committed to restoration.

To implement these tactics, you first must have a commitment to overcoming.

1. Overcome the temptation to give in to false accusations. First of all, if you have listened to false accusations about your spouse, have a frank talk with him or her. Give your spouse the benefit of the doubt.

If your spouse admits to the accusation, but has a real desire to restore the marriage, take steps to do that. (Don't enable further indiscretion, however.)

However if you have too quickly listened to false accusations, take steps to be more trusting yourself.

2. Strengthen or renew your commitment to overcoming. So many couples today give up too easily. When trouble comes along, they begin to wonder if they made a mistake in getting married. One of them may, unfairly, blame the other for trouble. Marriages that last have a commitment to overcome--no matter what adversity may come their way.

To further implement these tactics, you must have a commitment to valuing your spouse.

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3. Value each other's opinions. Learn to listen to each other--really listen. You might do well to do some study on how men and women think differently. Understanding those differences can help you when you try to communicate with each other.

4. When valuing each other is important, list some of the things you have been through together. When you see all the good you have experienced, you will be reminded that the marriage is worth pursuing. When you see all the bad you have overcome in the past, you will be encouraged to think of what you can do now. You will see how great your partner was during those times, and, though you may have a present disagreement, you will value your mate.

Finally, you must have a commitment to meeting each other's needs and the needs of your marriage.

5. The greatest need you have for your marriage when it come to fixing a marriage is to place the marriage high on your priority list. When you neglect the marriage, all kinds of problems can creep in.

6. When you work through your serious issues, spice up your marriage. Flirt like you did in the beginning. Plan dates. Dress up. When you are home, dress provocatively. Husbands, work on being romantic. Wives, work on building up your husband's ego.

If you implement these six ways of fixing marriage issues, you could possibly be astounded at how quickly things can turn around.

You have the basic ideas of how to go about fixing a marriage; however, we have only scratched the surface. These were commitments to three aspects of marriage. A marriage that approaches the ideal of marital bliss actually has at least some measure of success in six basic areas.

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I sometimes hear from wives who know that many of the issues in their marriage stem from mistakes that they have made. In short, they know that a big reason that their husband has left or insisted on a separation is because of their own actions. So, often, not only are they very remorseful, but they have been motivated to make some drastic changes in their marriage. And although these changes are very positive ones, the wives often wonder if they are coming much too late. Because often, when the wife shares these changes with her husband, she finds that he has his doubts. So the wife is left wondering what she may have to do in order to get him back or to be given a second chance.

I heard from a wife who said: "for several months, my husband has been complaining that I don't respect him enough. He says that my friends seem to be more important to me than he is. He says that I take him for granted. He has been telling me that he wants to plan for our future and get a hold on our spending and our financial goals when all I want to do is party. For a long time, I ignored these discussions. Honestly, my husband sounded like my father and this was not much of a turn on. Sure, we are in our early thirties, but we are not sixty. My husband kept trying to get my attention. He would drop little hints about how unhappy he was. I was just annoyed that he kept bringing it up. Well, after a while he got tired of being so frustrated because I came home and found that he had left a note telling me that he didn't want to live as we were anymore. He said that he felt he deserved some one who would at least listen to his wishes. He said that he felt we had different goals in life. Now that I have had a chance to process this, I realize that my husband has been absolutely right all along. Since we've been separated, I've had a chance to go out every night and party all I want. And now I realize what a completely empty life this is and I want no part of it at all. I can't believe I ignored my husband in the way that I did when all he wanted was to build some security for us. I feel so guilty about this and I want for him to know that I now realize that he was only thinking about our best interests and I am very grateful for that. Last night, I called my husband and I tried to tell him a few of these things, but he cut me off and told me that it's really just too late. He said that he forgives me and holds no ill feeling toward me but that again, we are just different. Now I don't know what to do to get his attention. He usually can't resist me when I get upset so I'm seriously considering begging him to give me one more chance. My friend says this is a pathetic way to communicate with your husband but I don't know what else to do."

I understood this wife's desperation. There is nothing worse than coming to an important realization too late, especially where your marriage is concerned. But from personal experience, I've come to believe that begging him to take you back or begging him for another chance is often a mistake. I believe that there's a better way. I will tell you why below.

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Frankly, Begging Is Just An Extension Of The Behavior That He Has Already Rejected: Believe me when I saw that I did understand this wife's thought process. I felt the same way. I considered the same thing and I even tried it once. But honestly, I think that this strategy only made my husband more turned off. It was just one additional rejection.

In this situation, the husband already felt that he and his wife were two different people. He saw himself as the more settled and mature one, while he saw his wife as more emotional and volatile. And he found these differences worrisome. Well, imagine if the wife went ahead and just started begging him to take her back. Sure, he might hear her words, but he could potentially process this as yet another demonstration of immaturity on her part. He might think that rather than having an adult conversation based on negotiation and facts, here was his wife falling back on raw emotion and trying to manipulate him. In a sense, it once again shows a lack of respect. I know that you think that you may not get his attention in another way, but let me offer you an alternative and see what you think.

A Suggested Script That Might Work Better Than Begging: One thing that bothered this husband was the wife's lack of patience. He was troubled that she never wanted to think about their future. She just wanted to have fun today. Well, begging is just another way to try to get an immediate and easy result. So it may have been to this wife's benefit to show her husband that she was capable of having the maturity to have some patience.

So a suggested script might be something like: "I know that you have doubts about what I am telling you. And that is understandable considering you couldn't get my attention before. But, now that I have had some time to myself and have had a chance to really sit and listen, I do now realize that you were right. I do now realize that I would like to try things your way because I was acting only in the short term. Right now, I am more focused on the long term and on building a foundation for us. I know that you may not believe me today. But I hope that perhaps you will just watch and observe so that you might believe me in the future. I'm finished with partying. It doesn't offer me anything but loneliness and isolation. And I think that if you give me a chance, I could show you that I am extremely sincere. I don't expect for you to just blindly believe me today. But I hope that in time, you will see proof in my behaviors and in my actions."

In short, you are asking him not to make a rash decision. And since he has shown himself to be steady and forward thinking, he may just agree to this. The key here is to do exactly what you have promised. You must make good on your claims so that he can see that you are sincere and are deserving of that second chance.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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