My Husband Wants Me To Leave The House: How To Get My Husband Back After He Moved Out

I sometimes hear from wives who are so upset or shocked by their husband announcing that he's moving. Because of their overwhelming emotions, they often aren't sure how to formulate an appropriate response. Many have conflicting feelings. They are angry or sad, but they want to react in a way that is going to help preserve their marriage or prevent a divorce.

I heard from a wife who said: "I knew that our marriage wasn't what it should be. But I sincerely thought that we could work it out and I never expected for my husband to take the drastic action of moving out. This morning, there was a note from my husband by the coffee maker announcing that once he returned home from work tonight, he was packing his bags and moving out. He said he was telling me this so that I could arrange to stay away to avoid an awkward or painful situation. He didn't mention if he was going to pursue a divorce. I am so furious about this. You would think that after years of marriage, I would deserve more than a short note. You would think that he could have the decency to at least look me in the eye. Now, I'm in a situation where I don't know how to respond. I am very tempted to pack his bags myself, change the lock, and leave his belongings on the front porch. But I know that doing this would hurt my chances for saving my marriage. Still, I would feel like a fraud if I pretended that I am not furious about this. What is the best way to react?"

This is a tough question to answer. Because the appropriate response and reaction will often depend upon the husband's reasons for leaving and the personalities of both people involved. However, when you want to save your marriage, you have to think a little more carefully and treat a little more lightly. I will discuss this more in the following article.

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Ask Yourself About The Real Reason He Wants To Move Out: Some men will threaten to move out just to get a reaction out of their wives. Sometimes, they only intend to be gone for a short period of time in order to scare their wife into some sort of change. Others are trying to put themselves in a position where their wife begs him to come back. But some husbands are very serious about breaking away or taking some time for their own.

So it can help to examine what your husband's motivations might be so that you can formulate the appropriate response. In this case, the wife felt that husband was unhappy with their marriage and genuinely wanted some time away. She felt that it was possible that he might eventually pursue a divorce if things didn't dramatically improve in their marriage.

So for her, the best response was going to be the one which made it the most likely that she could see her husband regularly during the separation. She needed to set it up so that they had positive interactions that would eventually contribute to improving their relationship and, hopefully, saving their marriage.

A Suggested Response: If you think that your husband is really serious about moving out and isn't just posturing or trying to scare you, then you want to take this seriously and you want to face this head on with sincerity and respect.

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The wife wasn't sure if she wanted to be in the house when he moved out because she was afraid that a huge fight would break out once the emotions started to bubble over. If this was the case, you could always leave a note. But, if you can swing it, verbal words are likely to have more impact as long as you can remain calm. However, whether you speak the words or write them, an appropriate response might be something like: "I'm sure it won't surprise you to know that I'm hurt and sad. I'm also really disappointed that you didn't tell me this face to face. And I wish that you would reconsider. I would be more than happy to allow you some time alone without your needing to move out. I could stay with friends for a while if they would make you more comfortable. But, no matter what you decide, I hope that we can improve things between us eventually. No matter what happens to our marriage for the short term, I don't want to completely lose my relationship with you. It is simply too important to me. So if you need some time then I respect that. If that is what it takes to improve things between us, I'm all for it. But I would hope that you wouldn't need to move out in order to do this. And, if you do, I hope that we can stay in touch regularly so that things don't get worse between us."

I know that it's very tempting to tell him that if this is what he wants than he shouldn't let the door hit him on his way out. But, as good as this might feel in the short term, it thwarts your most important long term goal which is to save your marriage.

And although any response that you decide on should sound genuine and be in line with your personality, try to make sure that it is calm and designed to maintain a cordial relationship with your husband on which you can build.

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Little in life is more painful than the end of a marriage. It sure wasn't what you signed up for when you committed your life to this person. Way too many marriages end in divorce when it doesn't have to be that way. If you want to know how to save a broken marriage and fix your marriage when everything else has failed, then this article may be the most important thing you ever read.

I don't claim to be a marriage therapist or a counselor, but I too have experienced firsthand the pain of a broken marriage. And my wife and I felt like we had tried everything to save it and ultimately we'd end up right back where we'd been before. When marriage counseling failed, I began to fear the worst. Nothing though could have prepared me for the shock and hurt I felt when she told me she wanted a divorce.

You'd have thought I'd be prepared to handle such a bombshell, but I wasn't! And in being so unprepared and desperate to save our marriage, I acted in ways that actually made the problem worse. I begged and pleaded for her not to go through with it. I apologized over and over for everything I felt I had done wrong and made promises to change. I called and emailed her constantly at work. I sent her flowers with apologetic notes. I kept telling her how much I loved her. But the more I tried to change her mind, the more determined she seemed to be.

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Just when I thought all hope was lost, I stumbled almost by accident on a plan that not only saved my marriage, but made it better than I ever thought possible. This new beginning started despite the fact that my wife was doing nothing to save our marriage. Here is some of what I learned:

- Negative emotions will control your thoughts and actions and destroy your chance to save your marriage.

- Begging and pleading, anger and jealousy, constant phone calls emails and gifts are a bad idea and will make the problem worse.

- By putting yourself in a more resourceful state, you can remain calm and focused, with the confidence to make rational decisions and carry out a plan to save your marriage.

- You must not appear desperate in any way. Desperation surrenders all control to your spouse and is an unattractive quality.

- By loving your spouse enough to let him or her go, you create a powerful dynamic that will be much more effective then clinging and refusing to let go. Remember, the more you push, the more they will pull away!

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If you happen to be pondering on how to save your marriage, you are probably experiencing one of a number of scenarios. Chances are you might be in a marriage where there is hardly a conversation without anger or resentment, or both of you might be having extra-marital affairs. Maybe you don't go out anymore, don't talk anymore or possibly don't have anything much in common anymore and you are wondering how to save my marriage.

Like most married couples, you probably though at first, that you had a match made in heaven and marriage would only enhance your bond. Now you are wondering what could have gone wrong to mar such a perfect union, as you now face the real possibility of separation and possibly divorce.

Making the decision between filing for a divorce and attempting to work on your marriage is a major life-changing decision in the life of anybody. What are some of the things you should consider before arriving at a decision? Not sure?

Listed below are the five most important questions to be answered by both of you, before committing to the big 'D'.

1. Is Love Still Alive?

For obvious reasons, if there is no longer any spark between you two, then there is nothing to try to keep alive. This is the most critical question, and you have to be really honest as the answer unequivocally determines the direction you should go next. An effective, though common exercise for both of you to do, is to write down the reasons why you still love each other, and exchange notes.

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2. Are We Still Committed?

It is important to ascertain the level of commitment of both parties to the sustaining of the marriage. Unless you both believe that the union is worth saving, then there is no hope.

3. Are You Both Willing to Make the Effort Required?

Love and commitment is not enough; effort is required and lots of it. You will have to spend quality time looking at the issues, figuring solutions and implementing a workable plan. Be aware, this approach will take considerable time, patience and energy.

4. Are We Willing to Start Afresh?

Many times, in these situations it becomes necessary to start all over - on a better footing, so to speak. Tell yourself that you had a bad start, forget about that start and begin anew. This step is one which cannot be overlooked, as so often a new foundation on which to build is mandatory.

5. Are We Willing To Get Professional Help?

According to statistics, rocky marriages rarely succeed without outside assistance. Decide if you are willing to include others such as friends, family members and professional marriage counselors. Doing this will drastically increase your chances of having a successful marriage.

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Divorce, the word has become so commonplace, so normal and so easy to say. It has also become easier to do because of the legal aspects and because it sometimes feels easier to divorce than it does to mend a marriage which is exactly the wrong attitude when looking for how to prevent a divorce.

Lets get one thing straight, divorce only seems easy because of the grass is always greener mentality. People think that the relationship is worse than being alone because of the image of divorcees who have become strong and independent and happy. This can happen but if they could have fixed their marriage in the first place and not have had their heart ripped out and stomped on in the battlegrounds of failed matrimony they would jump at it unless their ex was a monster.

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So first up is the deciding question, the first step; do you want a life with your current spouse, is your relationship worth saving not just for the kids if you have them but for yourself and for the love you had and still want for your partner.

I am assuming if you have found this article that you have decided yes to this already but this is the time to re-look and consider it again not because you might be having second thoughts but because you have to make a concrete decision here to make it work or not to as they are your only two options.

If you have decided that yes, you really want your marriage to be healed, happy and leave you and your spouse in love then and only then should you start to find out how to prevent divorce and save your marriage because the most important part of preventing impending divorce is having the strength and fortitude and unwavering commitment to a solution.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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