My Wife Acts Like She Hates Me: My Wife Has No Feelings For Me

When a man says "My wife hates me." these are very powerful words. You really need to ask yourself is this truly the case. Did your wife flat out say that she hates you or is this something that you are assuming because of the way that she is acting?

If it is true that your wife does hate you then you need to think about a few things. When did she begin behaving in this manner? Try to think back on when this type of behavior begin with her. If your wife has not said that she hates you but she is acting as if she does then you will need to begin the process of fixing whatever issues that caused the problem.

Just as her behavior is important, so is yours. Think about how you were acting when the issues came to surface. It is important to analyze different factors. Here are some examples.

1. Do you still give her the same amount of affection?

2. Are you taking her for granted more recently?

3. Are you spending more of your time engage with other people or activities as opposed to being at home?

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4. Do you still profess your love for her?

5. When was the last time you bought her flowers or a gift just because?

6. When was the last time you showed your appreciation for all the things that she has done for you?

7. Do you still spend time connecting with one another by spending time together by going on dates and being alone together?

8. Is the financial situation the same or are there problems with financial security?

It is necessary for you to think about the way your wife is behaving. If you asked her the questions above what would she say? Saying that your wife hates you is simply horrible. You have to be proactive and do what is necessary to change the state of your marriage.

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Your wife is pulling away from you. You can sense it. She may say that everything is fine, but her actions tell a much different story. You're worried that if things continue the way they are, she'll eventually tell you that she wants a divorce. That's a very real and tangible concern given her recent attitude. You can't leave this unattended. If you want to get her closer to you again, you have to ensure it happens. The future of your marriage is in your hands, so do whatever is necessary to change your marriage and make it more fulfilling and satisfying for both of you.

The first thing you should be doing when your wife is pulling away is talking to her about what she's feeling. You have to approach her in a very specific way though. You can't simply walk up to her and ask her to share all of her emotions with you. She'll feel cornered by that and if you're not prepared to hear some difficult things, it can easily lead to conflict and even a full blown argument. You have to start off slowly by asking her small questions about her day. Be interested in the answers and show her that you're invested in any conversation you have with her, be it big or small. Over time she'll begin to feel it's okay to talk about more important things because she'll sense that you're not only concerned but attentive as well.

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You really have to go back to basics when you do sense your wife needs her own space or distance from you. That means you need to retreat back in time and show her the same adoration and attention you did when you were trying to win her love. Back then you doted on her and did whatever you could to make her smile. Start doing that again. Your wife wants to feel that you still view her as the most important person in your life. If she can get back to a place where she genuinely senses that's true, she'll instantly feel closer to you again.

Also, be mindful of how critical you are of her. Women tend to absorb unflattering comments at a much deeper level than men do. If you criticize her about something and that stays with her it can definitely impact how she feels about you. For that reason it's always a good idea to think about whether what you're about to say will come across as helpful or hurtful.

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We all know the statistics about marriages ending in divorce (it's not pretty!) but here is one you may not have known; the success rate for traditional marriage counseling is only about 20%. In other words, only 2 out of every 10 couples said their marriages improved from counseling. And 50% of them end up divorced!

I believe that a major reason for this is that most people who call themselves "marriage counselors" are trained primarily in individual therapy. They are great at helping the couple as individuals but not quite as successful at treating the marriage. Traditional marriage counselors spend tons of expensive sessions teaching couples how to be "better communicators." Often this just helps them to fight better. The marriage is still troubled.

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Here are three things that I have learned that made a huge difference in my marriage:

1) Be prepared to love your spouse enough to let them go. The more you push, the more they will pull away. It is human nature. This can seem counter-intuitive when your spouse is telling you the marriage is over, but trust me on this!

2) You must get out of the negative emotional state you are in (anger, hurt, jealousy, depression, desperation etc) and put yourself in a more resourceful state. Very critical mistakes are made when people are mired in these negative emotions. Any one of these can kill your chance to save your marriage.

3) The focus should be on the marriage itself and not the two of you as individuals. The marriage actually becomes the client, almost like a third person! This is the biggest reason why traditional marriage counseling fails so often. It works from a faulty model.

Time is not on your side though, and waiting and hoping for things to get better is a big mistake!

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What is one of the greatest blessings of any marriage? One of the answers to that question would be to be able to share your innermost being with your husband or wife. For the Christian couple, sharing spiritual intimacy is one of their greatest blessings.

This concept is very important in an age where many couples just seem to drift apart.

How doe we share spiritual intimacy?

Sharing Spiritual Intimacy Arises out of Sharing Commitments that Come from Similar Interests

Interests can motivate you to do a lot of things. Whenever a husband and wife have common interests, these interests can draw them closer together. Whenever common interests are very strong, the couple is are able to make a commitment toward fulfilling particular projects that arise out of such interests. The similar interests also will guide them toward whatever activities they choose. Those activities may be recreational activities, such as engaging in sports; or they may be intellectual activities that would involve reading and learning about new things. Those interests also may guide a couple to get more involved in a particular type of work. They, if they are ambitious enough, may decide to start a business together.

Whenever the couples go their separate ways for work or for various legitimate reasons, and they come back together, they will often enjoy talking about their shared interests. We can see that spiritual intimacy grows through shared commitments that arise out of shared interests.

Sharing Spiritual Intimacy Grows as a Couple Shares Trials Together

Spiritual intimacy can also grow whenever a couple shares trials together. They may say, "Remember, we made it!" Whatever the trial may be, the process of gaining victory through a trial gives a couple confidence that they can face new things. They will be encouraged to face new obstacles whenever the next trial comes along.

I heard a man say he once heard about an informal study done on couples who had been married for a long time. They were considered to be couples who had successful marriages. They had one thing in common. They all went camping!

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I remember taking my family camping one time. In fact, I had decided that I was going to convert my wife to a love of camping. We have four children, and the youngest was very small at that time.

We loaded up our truck with a tent in it, and we travelled North. We had all kinds of trials on that trip. We had truck trouble, trouble finding where the campground was, and it rained that night.

Don't get me wrong. We started off the evening with a beautiful scene. I had selected a camping site with electricity, and I plugged up a fan. I set my wife down in a yard chair with the fan blowing on her. I cooked a gourmet meal of hot dogs. I even put a mattress in the tent, so we would not have to sleep directly on the ground.

That night, it began to rain, and then I heard a noise inside the tent. It was a raindrop falling right between my wife and me. I decided I would try an old trick. I reached up and touched the drop of water bulging through a hole in the roof. Then I ran my finger down the roof over toward the wall. I had heard that this would form a path, and that the rainwater would run down that path. It worked for about two minutes. Then about an inch away from the wall, the stream of water divided: Part of it ran on over to the wall and traveled down the side of the tent, which was the original plan; but about an inch away from the wall, water started to drop from the path. Then a further inch or two away from that, another stream of drops started flowing. Pretty soon, we had a line, where there were several drops of water falling down on us. We later discovered many other leaks too.

When we started the evening, we enjoyed hearing the sound of a little bubbling brook not too far away behind our tent. During the night, the nice little stream sounded like it had become a raging river. It sound like it was just getting ready to break through its banks and come and swoop us down the hill.

About three o'clock in the morning, I heard the front door of our pickup truck slam. Now I don't know if that slam really had any significant because it really was hard to shut that door. Rhonda had decided to spend the rest of the night in the truck. Needless to say, I did not convert her to a love of camping, and the next night we stayed in a motel.

We look back, and we often laugh about what happened during that camping trip. One thing we do remember, though, is that we made it through it. You may not have gone camping, but if you have survived some type of trial with your husband or wife, you should be encouraged to think that you can face other trials.

Sharing Spiritual Intimacy Is Strengthened When Couples Take Risks Together

Opportunity often presents itself. However, many times in order to take advantage of an opportunity, you also have to get involved in some risk. Whenever a Christian husband and wife experience life, they may feel impressed to do something that would take a certain amount of faith. I would encourage a couple whose partners are convinced that the Lord wants them to do something to go ahead and do it. I would further encourage them to do that task or ministry without being able to see how all the details will come together in advance.

I often say, "Get out on a limb for God. Then, saw the limb off, and watch God work!" Now, I am not really encouraging you to get involved in foolish pursuits, but I am encouraging you to exercise faith. Whenever a couple is able to see God work in unusual and difficult situations, they grow together in faith, and this causes them to be further involved in sharing spiritual intimacy.

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Sharing spiritual intimacy does involve commitment and tenacity, but the rewards of sharing spiritual intimacy are worth the commitments, faith-stretching experiences and even the risks!

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