My Wife Acts Like She Hates Me: My Wife Has No Feelings For Me

How to make your wife love you again. Have you been thinking of ways to do this? Keep reading to discover different ways of bringing the love back into your marriage.

Why do you feel that she doesn't love you anymore? Does she not meet you at the door when you come home from work? Does it seem like you try to talk to her, but her mind is always somewhere else?

Whatever the reason you feel this way, it is time to stop. It's time to get your wife back. It's time to get your marriage back to being a good, happy marriage again.

Above all else, you can't show any hurt, anger, or desperation. All that will do is make matters worse. If you show anger, she is likely to back away further from you. That's the last thing you want right now, right?

So how do you stop that from happening?

Try to see things through her eyes. Look at your marriage a different way. Picture yourself as her, and try to see how she feels. Maybe you'll see something that you've never noticed before. When you want to know how to make your wife love you again, you must try to look at your marriage from a different angle.

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Have you tried to talk to her about these feelings? It may be that she finds herself too wrapped up in life - career, kids, household bills, stress, etc., that she doesn't even realize that she is neglecting you. She may think that you're her husband - you'll be there no matter what. Let her know how you feel.

Is you marriage lacking the 'spice' it used to have? Is it getting dull, or boring? Do what you can to bring the spark back. Make a special date with your wife. Go out and have some fun. Relax together. Do something you both enjoy doing, and spend some quality time with each other.

What this will do is bring the feelings you both have for each other back to the surface, where they belong. Over time, emotions tend to get buried under life's little problems, and we don't see anything is wrong until it's too late.

Does your wife feel unappreciated? Show her that you appreciate her. You know that she does a lot around the house, and take steps to help her when you can. When she's making dinner or doing laundry, offer to help her. Even little things make a huge difference! There are many ways to learn how to make your wife love you again, these are just a few.

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"My wife doesn't love me anymore and I don't know what to do!" It's sad, isn't it? When a marriage starts to unravel it can feel as though the situation is out of control. One partner will often start pulling away while the other is holding on for dear life. Being a man in this position is hard. Sensing that your wife has fallen out of love with you and hearing her tell you that she's just not happy anymore is definitely life changing. Although it may feel as though your only option in this situation is to let her go and file for divorce, don't. Your marriage isn't over yet and if you have enough determination and insight, you can actually change the entire future for you and your spouse. You love your wife so don't let her slip away. Learn what you can do to make her fall back in love with you and recommit herself to your relationship.

When you first come to the realization that your wife doesn't love you anymore you may be tempted to point the finger of blame at her. It's easy to do that when you still feel very much in love with her. However, a marriage is clearly a balanced partnership and if that balance tips, it can change everything. If your wife has come to feel neglected or ignored by you, that will impact her feelings. She'll start to feel an emotional distance there and eventually will believe that she's fallen out of love. It's very easy to confuse that feeling with boredom or not being fulfilled.

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That's why you need to start treating your wife in the way she needs to be treated. Even if the connection between you two is strained now, put all the effort you can into making her feel loved and adored. Treat her the way you did when you two first dated and married. Tell her you love her more and bring her flowers. This may seem trite in the face of what your marriage is going through, but it's often the smallest gestures that will make the biggest difference.

Encourage your wife to talk to you more about what she's feeling. Many marriages suffer from a significant lack of communication because the couple just drifts apart. If you two aren't talking about what you're feeling you can't rebuild your lost bond. Set an example by sharing what you feel with her. Lay your heart out for her to see and explain in detail exactly how much you need and want her as your wife. Every woman wants to hear this from her husband and it can help open the floodgates and make her want to pour her heart out to you as well.

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Women are emotion based creatures and one of men's greatest mysteries in life. Men and women can drive each other crazy at times but they have a hard time living without the other. For whatever reason, your wife is not happy there is a few things you can do to help her. Life and day-to-day stress can have an impact on anyone. Maybe the realities of life-work, school, stress, bills, and raising kids (and the list goes on) is taking an emotional toll on her.

When life gets stressful and upsetting, a woman can feel anything but the kind of woman she wants to be--an attractive, radiant and beautiful woman. And when women begin to feel this way, they may not express it, but they want to feel attractive, appreciated, loved and valued.

Even though it is no one's responsibility but your wife's to feel good about herself, as a husband, you can significantly help her feel better. The fact that you noticed that your wife isn't happy and you want to make her feel better says that you love her a lot.

What your wife needs right now is your undying support and love. Through your words, tell her how much you care for her, love her and how she is the most important person in your life. Also remember that actions speak a lot louder than words so be sure to make your actions be as impeccable as your words. I'm not going to tell you exactly what you need to do because not all marriages are same and "one size fits all" advice will not help you.

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What you need really need to do is be aware of your wife's feelings. You may need to sit down with her and ask her what is bother her and listen to her words. Don't try to fix her problems for her. Men are more likely to want to find a solution to a problem at that moment and where as with women, they just want to be heard. Your wife will appreciate that you even noticed that something was bothering her and that you allowed her to vent her feelings (women love talking about their feelings).

If you did something to upset her, what she needs from you is to know that you are willing to do anything to fix your marriage. If you brush off her feelings or do not follow through on your words, you are not showing her your support and love. Again, be impeccable with your words and actions.

A couple who truly cares for each other's general well-being and happiness are more likely to overcome those "bumps in the road." Being aware of her feelings (and not resisting them) will help you be the kind of husband she needs right now... a loving, caring and supportive husband.

She doesn't need you to do certain acts for her, what she needs is to know that whatever what life will throw at her, you will love, value, appreciated and support her (not matter what). Once you actually get this in your mind, from here on out, use your own resources on what you can personally do to put a smile on her face.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Looking at the way God created women, they are fragile and delicate in nature which is why God commanded that they should be loved and cared for. Once you understand how to make a woman happy, almost all your relationship problems would have been solved.

1. Listen to them always
One of the best ways you can show a woman how much you love her is by paying rapt attention and giving a listening ear to their complaints. Naturally, they are wired in such a way that they would always want to relate their feelings to someone they hold dear. The best you can do to make them happy is to listen to whatever they have to say. Hear them out and make sure you understand every bit of what they have to say before passing your comments. Once a woman tells you something, she expects you to understand and make meaningful contributions.

2. Sense of humor
You can make them happy with your sense of humor. If you do not know how to make a woman laugh right now, I advise you to go develop it. Sense of humor is one factor that will give you an edge with any woman. Because of their emotional make up, they easily get tensed up over little issues, which is why making them laugh at regular intervals will put them in the right mood always. I am not advising you to go foolish before a woman, rather, I recommend that you study her mood and crack some responsible jokes to make her happy.

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3. Show gratitude
Do you want a woman to go extra miles for you? Then always show some gratitude whenever a woman extends a hand of kindness. No matter how small the gesture may be, show how much you appreciate. There are several ways you can show your gratitude to a woman.

4. Buy them gifts
Women love to be appreciated and this makes them happy. One way to easily achieve this is by giving them gifts, it does not matter how big or small the gift may be. They appreciate it when it is coming from someone they love and cherish.

5. Be sincere
Showing signs of insincerity is one attitude that turns a woman off. A woman in love will give you everything she owns especially her trust. Women love men who are honest and straight forward. Imbibing this attitude will make a woman happy beyond measures. It gives them some sense of confidence and assurance.

Happiness is a thing of the mind and it takes actions from within to make it happen. By following all the factors highlighted above, you can make a woman happy forever.

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