The light in me honors the light in you.

What a simple and elegant definition of the relationship we should strive to have with others and ourselves.

Firstly, we should acknowledge that there is a light, something special in us, then appreciate and acknowledge that each person has been gifted with that same special-ness in a different and unique package.

Yet this is so often not what we find in any of our various and varied interpersonal interactions.
Many of us look for faults and deficiencies and go to work trying to change and correct
just about every other person with whom we interact.

Recently I read a very insightful little book titled “How to Start a Conversation and Win Friends” by Don Gabor. The advice in it is not something we don’t all know; it is just that it can be so often ignored in our hurry and haste to get to the next “thing”. However, to acknowledge and really connect with another person we must be in the moment when we are with them.

It has been said that people don’t really care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Making others feel special and appreciated takes sincerity and paying attention to what they are trying to reveal about themselves – their hopes, dreams and desires.
When someone shares these feelings with you, it is a mark of trust and this is one of the most valuable gifts a human being can bestow on another.

Trust is a fragile and hard to repair relationship and needs to be treated as the priceless present that it is. Trust in all relationships, business, social or marital is based on respect for the other. It means honoring what makes us different and alike at the same time!


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Success and being successful is one of the most analyzed word in the english language.
However, because success is an individual perception a definitive description will always elude us. The best we can do is to achieve our our brand of success, by true and honest with ourselves and each other.