Natural sleep remedies are the best solutions for sleeping problems. How to prevent insomnia is not a secret anymore. When you cannot sleep three times a week or more, repeatedly broken sleep, sleep problems, sleep in and wake up after a short time, feeling tired, feeling irritable throughout the day are insomnia or symptoms of insomnia. Neurohormonal imbalance in the brain causes insomnia.

Due to sleeping problems performance, intelligence, and attention may decrease. Physical damage may occur. For example obesity, a decrease of controlling over diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and increases the risk of heart attack.

If you want to prevent insomnia following some natural remedies you must know the causes of insomnia first. Without knowing the causes of insomnia you cannot apply natural sleep aids properly. So it is important to know the causes of insomnia.

Causes of sleeping problems:

• Stress, anxiety, and depression are the causes of insomnia.
• Disturbed sleep environment, such as excessive noise, lighting, Hot or cold.
• Changes in sleep parameters, which disrupts the secretion of Melatonin hormone in the brain.
• Smoking, excessive alcohol or caffeine having after evening.
• Watching TV, playing video games before going to sleep.
• Long-term physical illness, such as arthritis, cancer, heart diseases, lung disease, gastric, thyroid problems.

How to Prevent Insomnia -7 Effective Natural Sleep Remedies:

If you want to cure insomnia naturally, then the following tips will be the best choice. These natural sleep aids will work only when you apply it properly. So, knowing is not enough, you must take action. I apply the following tips for an insomnia cure.

1. Maintain a Sleep routine:

Do not sleep at the same time every day is one of the main causes of sleeping problems. It disrupts your biological clock. So, make a habit of sleeping at the same time every day. Also, make a habit of waking up at the same time even on holiday.

2. Ensure the sleeping environment in the bedroom:

Use the bedroom only for sleeping. Don’t use the bedroom for another purpose like work, food, TV or computer. Make sure that the bedroom is free of extra sound or light. Avoid turning on your TV or computer if you wake up during the night. Try to do a reading or practice meditation until you feel sleepy again.

3. Develop some good habits:

If you have sleep problems, you can develop some good habits to overcome sleeping problems. They are:

• Light hot water bath before sleeping
• Reading books
• Hear gentle songs
• Worship or yoga

Beside that avoid the bad habit of looking clock again and again before going to sleep. It is a good way of sleeping naturally.

4. Avoid bad habits if you have:

• Do not try to force sleep. If sleep doesn’t come within 20 minutes after lying into bed, wake up. Go to another room, and try to read any book or practice the good things discussed above until you sleep.
• Do not take more than 30 minutes to rest at noon, try to take the rest before three o’clock.
• Before four to six hours of sleeping avoid heavy work, exercise, and alcohol, coffee, smoking.

5. Ensure proper room temperature:

Room temperature is an important factor for sleeping. If the room is hotter or cooler both will disrupt sleep. So make sure your temperature is perfect for your sleeping.

6. Yoga or meditation:

Select gentle yoga and practice it regularly. Avoid vigorous power or Ashtanga yoga at night because it can energize you again. Try very easy yoga or stretches in bed and followed simple meditation. At the time of meditation concentrate your attention only to your breathing.

7. Follow proper diet rules:

• Have your evening meal a few hours before going to sleep. But if you feel appetite you can drink a glass of milk.
• Have your dinner with the lightest food. Avoid spicy and heavy foods.
• Skip the food and drinks that contain caffeine like tea, coffee, soft drinks, and chocolate.


Make a habit of following the above mentioned natural sleep aids to improve your sleep. Sleeping tablets are not a long-term solution to sleeping. So, natural sleep remedies are the best solution. To prevent insomnia it is important to apply the above mention tips properly. Have a nice sleep!

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