Commercial and house carpet cleaning methods – dusting and vacuuming your carpet on a daily basis can be the best way to keep it clean. Every day, you can just go ahead and lift your carpet and free it from dirt and filth after sweeping your carpet with a broom, you may use the vacuum cleaner to eradicate the dust mites and dirt. Take note that cleaning your carpet regularly can help prevent the accumulation of too much dirt. For other carpet cleaning methods, here is some carpet cleaning tips that you might want to try:

Carpet Shampoo Method – this is considered as the most efficient among all carpet cleaning methods and the easiest to do quality carpet cleaning city name. This involves the use of cleaning solutions or a carpet shampoo, along with a circular brush that can help you create foam that will be used to collect the dirt particles from your carpet. After doing so, you just have to let your carpet dry and use to vacuum to completely eliminate the dirt. However, make sure to avoid using strong cleaning solutions if your carpet is already old and loose.

Steam Cleaning Method – if your aim is to get rid of the dark stains from carpet, then you may opt for this cleaning method steam cleaning involves the use of hot water, about 150 to 200 °F to help you eliminate the bacteria and allergens from your carpet. The hot water should be mixed with a cleaning agent and sprayed into the carpet using high pressure. Doing this can help you eliminate the dirt particles from beneath the carpet surface (green carpet cleaning). Asking a professional cleaner to do the carpet cleaning job using steam cleaning can be very effective, however, you should know that this can be expensive.

Dry Powder Method – this is one of the most commonly used carpet cleaning methods as this does not require the use of water. Dry powder is often made of detergent with high absorbing property. The dry powder will be sprinkled onto the carpet with very small amount of water. After doing so, you will have to place the carpet into a rotating machine to help spread the powder and leave it there for at least 15 minutes. After that, use a vacuum to completely eliminate the dirt particles in your carpet.

If you cannot afford the carpet cleaning methods mentioned above, then you may opt for the cleaning method that you can actually do at home to help you eliminate the stains and dirt from your carpet. You can use any of the following carpet cleaning solutions below along with a cleaning machine available at home.

Lemon, Borax and Vinegar – come up with a carpet cleaning solution by making a thick paste with all these ingredients in equal amount. Apply it on the stained area in your carpet and let it dry. Use the vacuum after several minutes to eliminate the dirt and stain.

White Vinegar and Detergent – prepare the solution by mixing equal parts of liquid detergent and white vinegar in lukewarm water. Apply the mixture to where the stain is and then scrub the stained area using a brush. Use warm water to rinse the carpet and to eliminate the stain. For further help you can hire expert and experienced Rug Cleaning Melbourne Company by searching on internet or reference of family or friends.

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