During the Spring Equinox, Mother Nature works with much purpose and much preparation to clear, cleanse, and to renew. Nature does not dwell upon what is gone or what was lost or what was taken. It pursues a mission to create in such a way that all its efforts will serve to build a healthy, a vibrant and a thriving legacy for all life to take part in.

Nature restores to clear, cleanse and renew. It offers a path for higher purpose to align itself with peace and well-being. The set of restoration is similarly a reflection of how we might approach a path of invoking to clear, to cleanse and to renew.

With this in mind, may our efforts be generously placed upon nurturing health and vitality; within and without; allowing abundant growth and expansion in all directions; in alignment with a higher purpose to create peace and well-being.

May we find the place that exists within ourselves-where we can come to know the deeper meaning of what forgiveness is. May we further be enlightened to the legacy that forgiveness holds when we forgive ourselves and forgive others.

May this season bring nature's legacy of forgiving and restoring life. To offer renewal, rebirth and transformation and the granting of the spirit of a flourishing well-being to us all.

Love and Light

Author's Bio: 

Athena is a High Priestess of the Wicca religion. She has been practicing Wicca for 6 years.