When you need disposal waste disposal, you are quickly reminded why your waste disposal is the unhealthy hero in your kitchen. It has a pretty dirty job, but someone (or something) has to do it - and if you take care of your disposal, it's the one doing the heavy lifting (and grinding and chewing), not you. The disposal system can handle a lot, but not everything you throw at it. Plus, it needs some TLC just like any other appliance in your home. Many homeowners are quick to schedule inspections of washer, dryer, refrigerator, oven and stove, but have disposal on the back burner. Unfortunately, many people do not call in professionals to repair the disposal of appliances until something goes terribly wrong.

The most common reason for disposal without work is also the most preventable: lack of maintenance. Unlike many other appliances, it can be difficult to tell if your disposal is working as well as it should be. Leftovers (and many times other things that have no business down there) simply disappear down a black hole, and the grinding sound makes you think everything is taken care of. In reality, though, it's all a gamble. Unless scrap starts to build up, there is a horrible odor, the disposal sound stops completely, or you notice a leak, it is likely that you assume everything is up and up.
Take care of one of the largest workhorses in your kitchen, and schedule annual maintenance checks. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a root of a disposal - perhaps exacerbated by one of these problems:

The wrong items are put in it: No waste disposal is designed to wipe out all food related items. Some to avoid: bones (even small shards), corn husks, wraps and a lot of high-fiber vegetables. If you accidentally miss one of these objects and catch it early, you may be able to repair the paper jam yourself using an Allen key in the lower hole. If that sounds scary or over your head, believe me it really is. Never place your hands in or near the actual disposal opening.

It has a screw loose: Sounds like you dropped a fork in the disposal, but know you did not? A screw can literally be loosened within the disposal (or a bearing, a swing weight or a knife can be loose). In some cases, smaller pieces will work their way naturally through the system. In other cases, the pieces are too large, damage has been done, and you may need repairs or replacements.

There is a power issue: If your disposal does not turn on at all, do not assume a worst case scenario. It can be something as simple as a switch or fuse. Find the little red button on the disposal belly under the sink. Tap to restart - this is the most common, easiest and safest repair plumbers are called to address.
These are the three biggies, but your availability may work for many other reasons. The others, however, are a little more advanced, from leaks to hose requirements. If you can not solve problems yourself, let the experts handle them. Call your local Elite appliance for any disposal repair needs. https://disposable-pods.com/

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