Since you are new to vaping, not knowing what is drip tip is quite obvious. Well, you have used either cartridges or customizers depending on the type of e-cig you prefer. And, the drip tip is a little hollow mouthpiece used as an alternative to customisers or cartridges. It is a cylindrical piece that connects to the electronic cigarettes. While using drip tip, you have to pour or e-liquid directly into the atomizer, so you don’t need to fill or remove anything. Drip tips come handy and cost just a few dollars that beginners can afford.


How does the dripping work?

Dripping is the process of pouring the e-liquid directly into the atomiser through the bore of the drip tip. This allows the e-cig to work at full capacity while offering clean vape and a consistent crisp. With a direct placement on the atomizer, it let the juice flow through it and drop onto the heating coil.


Even if it seems simple, dripping is quite a challenging task for at least first time. It’s all about finding how much e-juice you can add, and after how much time. It is quite tricky at times, since adding too quick or adding too late can cause overflow or harsh hit accordingly.Hence, experts from vape shops in Liverpool suggest keeping wick nice and moist by dripping- which is no less than an art. 


However, the vapers should not forget that shape and design of the drip tip play a key role in how it works and what experience it will offer overall. However, the experience may vary from one drip tip to another, but usually, tips with larger bore need more airflow while offering more vapour. Although, the airflow reduces the intensity of the overall flavour.


Who would love drip tip?  

Any vaper, no matter whether he/she likes certain juice flavour or more vapour will simply love the idea of the drip tip. As soon as buy electronic cigarettes drip tip in Australia, you won’t prefer to go back. With dripping, you can experience bigger vapour, enhanced flavour, and a higher level of customisation, better control of airflow. Did you know, it is popular among the cloud chasers (We participate in producing the biggest plumes of vapour) and they can help in increasing the vapour production.


However, be aware of short drip tips, since they are made cheap quality materials and sometimes come as no such heat resistant, which can burn your lips. Longer drip tips and a bottom mounted coil are a better alternative for you.

Author's Bio: 

The author has had close associations with those that host online vape store in Australia and writes this article to help people know about caring and using electronic cigarettes drip tip in Australia while running a vape shop in Liverpool.