Even though life in desert sounds really uncomfortable and one cannot help but wonder why would anyone want to live in a desert, this interesting modern residence designed by assemblageSTUDIO shows that cool minecraft easy modern house it’s possible to be surrounded with nothing but rocks and sand and still enjoy in comfortable living space. This modern desert house design features a lot of innovative ideas and solutions for living in desert environment, you can read more about it here.
Large modern home in the desert© Bill Timmerman
Modern villa design

This incredible modern villa designed by MM ++ Architects is part of small real estate development called Oceanique Villas, located in Phan Thiet, cool minecraft small modern houses Vietnam. The residence features modern villa design with an incredible terrace, swimming pool and indoor outdoor connection – everything one could dream to have while living on a beach.
White modern facade on a modern house design© Hiroyuki OKI
Walkways with staircases as part of modern house design

Next set of photos shows that modern house design includes more than just facade. Walkways and paths, as well as front yards are equally important for the house’s visual appearance as the facade itself. First project; Concrete House II by A-cero shows something really incredible – staircase leading to the house completely covered with grass. Second project; Summit House designed by Whipple Russell Architects features gorgeous walkway with lit up staircase leading to beautiful modern entrance. Third project; Sarbonne Cool minecraft houses Road residence designed by McClean Design presents curved outdoor staircase with glass banister which truly complements this modern house design.

If you want more walkway ideas and inspiration, feel free to check out our article covering only front walkways and path designs!

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