Blogging is one of the most booming fields in this internet era. Everyone wants to go for blogging. Blogging these days has become a source of income for most of the bloggers who exactly knows how to do blogging perfectly.
In 2019 every day almost 1000 new bloggers are starting their own blogs. But before starting a blog knowing deep knowledge about blogging is essential.
If you are aware of the blogging trends in 2019 you would be able to do blogging very very well and will do quite well as a beginner.
So what are the recent trends in Blogging which you have to keep in mind while selecting a niche for your blog?
Let’s explore….

Selecting a Niche:

Before blogging the most important thing is to select a niche for your blog. Now, what is niche?
Niche actually refers to the topic of the blog on which you will be writing articles.
When blogging was a new field for everyone, most of the new bloggers went to multi-niche blogs. Where they use to cover many different topics in their blogs. Such as a blog naming included niche topics like health, fashion, beauty, technology, etc.
These kinds of multi-niche blogs worked very well in the past years. As competition in this blogging field was much less compared to today. These multi-niche blogs used to do very well and they generated quite well traffic. Since blogging was new so ranking a blog on search engines was also an easy task as compared to today.
In today’s world of huge internet, users blogging has changed over time and its demand has also changed.
So what niche you should select for your blog?

As I told before that before multi-niche blogs were very famous and it was easy to rank them. But today the scenario is different.
Before selecting any niche always make sure that you are passionate about that particular niche.
For example if I am passionate about digital marketing and I have deep knowledge about it, then this niche is perfect for me.
So before selecting any niche make sure you have something valuable to share with people, which is unique and not much present on the internet. This way your content will be new and people would love to read it.
Now that you know that selecting a niche you are passionate about is important. The next important thing is selecting a micro-niche topic from that niche topic that you have selected.
So what is a micro-niche topic?
Micro-niche topics refer to the subtopic of that broad niche category. For example, I am passionate about digital marketing and I want to make a blog on it. Then I sould select a sub-niche topic from digital marketing. For example- SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, or any regional topics that are popular like digital marketing companies in Pune, etc.
Why selecting a micro-niche topic important?
These days as competition is increasing and people are more used to using the internet daily, people are searching for information in much detailed way. That means giving them a piece of detailed information which is as granular as possible will be good for the readers as well as search engines. Search engines are also in search of new data that they can present to their users.

In 2019 if you go for micro-niche topics for your blog then it will be very beneficial for you. As the ranking of micro-niche topics is also very easy as compared to a blog that is having many topics.
Everything in blogging is about working smart and present something of value to users. So if you are a new blogger then always go for micro-niche topics.
So now that you have understood about selecting niche topics for blogs in 2019. I hope you select a topic that you are passionate about so that it is beneficial for your audience as well as for you.

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