Night life in Maine is whatever you make it – from quiet piano bars to rockin' clubs to traditional Maine gravel pit parties, coastal Maine night life has a little bit of something for everyone. And if you're roaming the beautiful shaded lanes anywhere in the area of Belfast, Bucksport or Bar Harbor, you just might be able to sample a little bit of all of these types of entertainment in a single night. Just be certain to be safe, drink responsibly and always have a designated driver available while exploring the night life in Maine.

Lookout Pub – 37 Front Street, Belfast, Maine

The Lookout Pub has been rocking the Belfast, Maine area for a long time. Other clubs and bars come and go, some not even lasting for a single Maine summer. The Lookout has stood the test of time, and even during the dead of winter there is always a late-night crowd. With tons of room to dance or just hand and play pool, the Lookout serves up some of the best local Maine night life entertainment with a huge selection of beer, wine and liquor, and some tasty late night snacks. Lookout also hosts karaoake nights, open mic nights, girl's nights and live, full bands and DJ's playing everything from dance/house to rock and country.

Whale's Tooth – 2531 Atlantic Highway, Lincolnville, Maine

If you're looking for a relaxed environment that's a little jazzy and a little Down East, then the Whale's Tooth is likely to "hit the spot." Situated directly on Lincolnville beach, you can enjoy a delicious steak and gaze out over the water and the not-so-distant island of the aptly named Isleboro. On Friday nights the proprietors have a superb pianist come and entertain the crowd, often until closing time.

Nana's Bar & Restaurant – 1 Maple Street, Verona Island / Bucksport, Maine

Nana's serves up the wickedly good combination of the best Maine seafood and entertainment, with all kinds of events scheduled throughout the summer. This includes classic car shows, motorcycle shows, karaoke nights, and even game nights. With a full bar and an awesome selection of both local Maine and classic beers and wines, Nana's is a pretty hopping place. Nana and Pappy will probably even have a drink with you, so don't be afraid to ask! While you're there you can gorge on the late night bar menu that will keep you fueled and ready for whatever the night throws your way.

The Criterion Theatre - 35 Cottage Street, Bar Harbor, Maine

If you're starting your night in Belfast and heading up the coast, there's no better way to end the night than with a show at the famous Criterion Theatre in Bar Harbor. This meticulously maintained traditional balcony-style theatre features plays, movies and more in one of the most unique theatres in all of America. In fact, you can even sit up high in the upper balcony and sip on Bar Harbor's best drinks and cocktails – and don't forget the kettle corn!

Night life in Maine has a lot to offer - without all of the big-city fussiness and crowds. Whether you're a local from Prospect or Bucksport, or you just flew in from Florida to get out of the heat, chances are great that you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for…and then some!

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