Engineering as a career has a huge impact on every student life. The youth in this era thinks education is degree, diploma or any certificates, etc. but they are loosing out the soul of education which is Knowledge, learning and developing yourself from the way you were before. Education is the most powerful weapon which once gained cannot be lost.

Every Era there is some changes in the pattern of education of a student, so we need to relook in our era, that what pattern of education is passed on, and to work accordingly. Till the student is in the end session of the school or says at the time of secondary education, the focus of everyone is on what scores they should be getting to opt on the various colleges/institutions/university. However, its parents/sometimes students responsibility not to judge according to score. Every student is an expert on their relative field and skills and so they implement. So, it's important to understand student expertise and desire.

Keeping all this important note, Dev Bhoomi Group of institutions works. The college makes its students very resourceful and USP for the company. Various Training is given to students from the starting of years, including workshops, industrial visit, and many other exposures. Firstly, the student is prepared with quality education and then hands-on-experience of the same by continuous workshops and industrial visit.
1. Workshops to enhance the skills of the students
2. Quality Education in smart Classroom in DBGI
3. International Collaboration makes college more favourable
Including education, the college also celebrates cultural and technical fest. In Cultural Fest named PINAK, many popular artists come and perform. This fest goes for four days where a student enjoys and also many talented students takes part in the fest for more thriller. The technical fest name NAVDHARA, the student use to make many creative things, and enhance their and others knowledge by sharing it with others. The other colleges are also welcomed in this fest. These Fests help every individual student to make them better and performing much than before, hence enhancing individual skills is the last moto. The students give importance to the values of the Indian culture and participate actively in every patriotic event in and around the city.

Every Department prepares a seminar by renowned speakers on the subject of academic interest to take the students a step above classroom teaching.

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions aim is to develop the overall personality of students to transform them into resourceful individuals. For this, the college provides various training programs, soft-skills training, personality training and development, regular counselling session and many more. All these activities help the student for making their bright future and also helping them to have a positive approach in their throughout life.
As told, there is college fest, PINAK which is accomplished by the students under the guidance and supervision of our renowned faculty members. During this fest, the faculty members corporate-friendly with their students, helping in building an understanding gap between the students and faculties.

The college takes the duty to educate young boys/girls in training them to be responsible and liable, to achieve their positions in the competitive world.
It is rightly said that the external environment of the college has a huge impact on student studies. DBGI is spread across lush 42 acres in serene surroundings with a peaceful environment which helps students to focus better on their studies. The campus also boasts of state of the arts equipped library (with 10000+ books) and extracurricular facilities are other hallmarks of the institute. Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions is also awarded as the best placement engineering college in North India.

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