Since mothers don't like to compromise on nutrition. it's always best to plan for a balanced plate to provide children with optimum nourishment. So here's a list of some of the healthiest foods for all the little fussy eaters according to their age groups.

Age Group: 0-6 Months
Babies in this age group should be exclusively breastfed. Breastfeeding is ideal for newborns, as it contains all the required nutrients for healthy development.

Age Group:6-9 Months
Here are the top five foods to be introduced when your child turns six months old.

Mashed foods are energy-dense foods which provide a good amount of calories, vitamins, and minerals.
Whole wheat halwa is an excellent source of insoluble fibres. Also, fruits and nuts can be incorporated to make it a power packed healthy meal. Palak dal rice/palak paneer rice is a great source of vitamins and serves as a good source of protein.

Age Group:9-12 Months
Here are the top five foods to feed your baby who is just three months away from his/her first birthday!

Boiled eggs/paneer have complex amino acid structures and are rich in B vitamins, first class proteins and good fats (lecithin).
Khichdi with vegetables is a nutritious dish. It can be accompanied with a bowl of curd which provides calcium and aids in digestion.
Yogurt, being a pro-biotic, is good for the baby's gut and enhances the good bacteria that eases the digestion of the food.

Age Group: 1 Year Onwards
Here are the top five foods to give your child when he/she turns one year old.

Daliya Khichdi is a good source of fibre and magnesium which keeps the child feeling full and satisfied.
Cheese vegetable sandwiches can be made nutritious by using whole wheat/multigrain/rye bread, which provide essential fatty acids for the child. Cheese, on the other hand, is a great source of protein and fat.
Dry fruit laddoos can provide optimum brain development, as these foods are rich in iron, essential fats like omega 3 and several minerals.

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