Anyone with disposal has from time to time experienced unpleasant odors, and these odors can be quite strong and overwhelming. Odor-causing bacteria accumulate on the flange, the rubber splash guard, the plug and on the inside of the waste disposal. Bad smell can overtake a kitchen and make an otherwise clean home smell anything but fresh and clean. Try the following simple methods to get rid of and prevent odors for waste disposal. Purchased cleaning agents formulated specifically for waste disposal are not required. With a few simple tips for cleaning and maintaining garbage, your disposal will continue smoothly and remain odorless for several months in a row.

Cleaning removable parts to prevent bad odor

Use of fragrant products will not completely get rid of bad odor when disposing of waste. Deodorant products simply cover the odor. Instead of simply pouring fragrant commercial products down the drain along with hard-earned money, remove the splash guard and stopper and soak the parts in a solution of liquid bleach and water. Use approx. ten percent bleach mixed with very hot water. Scrub away the slimy odor-causing accumulation with a cloth or soft brush. Get rid of the source of the odor and the odors will be gone but they will not be gone forever. A waste disposal is a writer of bacteria and bad smell. Perform the easy cleaning process weekly to help keep the disposal clean and smell constantly fresh.

Purifying cubes of vinegar

Ordinary ice cubes can be crushed in disposal weekly to help clean and sharpen the knives, but ice cubes made with vinegar will deodorize and deeply clean cracks and other areas where odors typically develop. Label ice trays clearly for waste disposal and fill them with plain white vinegar. After cleaning removable parts once a week with a weak bleach solution, run several cubes of frozen vinegar through the disposal along with cold water to help clean the interior. Use frozen vinegar cubes more often when disposing of particularly smelly foods such as onions and garlic. After using the disposal and noticing particularly bad lingering odors, drop a few cubes of frozen vinegar in the disposal and grind away the unpleasant odors.

Citrus peel

Do not throw away the peels when enjoying oranges or other citrus fruits. Instead, paint them available. They secrete natural oils that leave a long-lasting fresh scent, and the peels help remove solid foods. Regularly paint lemon, lime and orange peels instead of buying commercial deodorant products, especially for waste disposal. Natural citrus peels are as effective as and far cheaper in price than unnecessary purchased cleansers.

Peppermint extract

If the smell of citrus is not considered a beneficial scent in your home, fill the sink partially with warm water once a week and add several drops of peppermint extract. Run disposal when the peppermint-scented water goes down the drain. The warm water helps loosen trapped food and gunk that will eventually cause odor, and the peppermint extract adds a clean fresh scent that comes out throughout the room. It is a cheap and effective way to deodorize waste disposal and along with the other methods of cleaning and deodorizing it will continue to smell fresh and bad smell will never be a problem again.

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