Called by any name, Tasseomancy, Tasseography. What I like about Tea and Coffee Reading is it's gracious nature. Unlike other forms of divination, Tea Leaf Reading involves a lovely social ritual. In order to read the tea leaves or grind coffee, one must be served a cup of tea, and as everyone knows drinking cannot be rushed. Tea or coffee is served steaming hot. It is sipped, time slows down, and you relax. Then the tea leaves are pondered for signs of what the future might bring. For hundreds of years this reading has been a common practice in the many countries and city parlors of homes. This kind of reading is very common in Bosnia. I have watched the old ladies there how they do the Cup Reading, as one divine social ritual. I am sure, this moments of relaxation and reconnection with Higher Unity was the big support on the way through their stormy past.

Yes, Cup Reading is one of those pleasant pastimes that we are in danger of losing. Some say it was the invention of the commercial tea bag and espresso coffee that sealed the fate of this Reading. That may be true, I'd say the tea bag represents how we've allowed our desire for convenience to replace deeper, intimate experiences. But there is always hope. Just as our lifestyles are simply a collection of choices, we can always make different choices. We can choose to spend more quiet time with our friends and family. We can purchase tins of loose tea and grind coffee. And we can ponder the patterns in the bottoms of our tea cups. We can relax and enjoy life.

You will only find a handful of sites on the Internet pertaining to Tea Leaf and Coffee Reading, but what is there is quite charming. For general information Cup Reading and Golden Tips are will suit your purposes. Quite possibly the reason why Tea Leaf Reading is so poorly represented in the cyberworld is that psychics have not figured out how to transmit the image of your tea cup via modem. For the most part Tea Leaf Reading remains a one-to-one experience and for that I am glad.

How To Read form Cup:

1. Prepare a cup of tea loose tea leaves or grind coffee. Select a tea or coffee that has character in terms of texture, flavour, or history. Plan on using a rounded teaspoon per person. Make it right in the cup and watch it the colour deepen. It's a different experience than brewing tea or coffee in a pot or using a filter bag.

2. Use a white china cup with no inside pattern or decoration. The exception to this is a cup which is made expressively for tasseomancy. It is white but it has symbols of various kinds inside the cup. Sometimes you can find these special cups at tea speciality shops or at antique stores. They are fun, but not really necessary.

3. Sip and enjoy your cup to the fullest, leaving only a small amount of liquid. Consider your question mentally. Ask simply for spiritual guidance. Holding the cup in your left hand and the handle right in front of you, swirl the liquid three times clockwise, sweeping the leaves up to the rim of the cup without spilling it.

4. Invert the cup into the saucer, holding it for a count of seven and letting the liquid drain away. Turn the cup right side up. Empty your mind of all concerns. Relax and start to observe the cup with unfocused sight centered in the bottom of cup. This sight is very important because of need for your Third Eye activation. After the few minutes of unfocused observation images in the cup will start to discover themselves. You can get insights in form of pictures, emotions, smells and sounds. This is the best way to interpret the mysterious images that have formed. You can find books or web sites with symbols interpretation , but they have been made by amateurs looking to someone who is using his Third Eye in interpretation. One very good method for Third Eye activation is disclosed at my web site

And Tips Concerning Interpretation

Most people wonder if they can interpret symbols in the cup. I'd say it's as simple as seeing forms and pictures in the clouds. So looking into cup you will notice that some the symbols resemble various items. They might be geometric shapes or forms found in nature. An number, alphabet letter, or astrological symbol could be looking up at you. After you've recognised the symbols, your Third Eye will help you to interpret them. It is not important to memorise the list of meaning if you can use your Third Eye. Therefor e, if you were able to observe professional reader who use the Third Eye then you were surprised with his/she? deferent explanations of similar symbols.

If you do not use your Third Eye at the beginning you can look at the web for some a lists of meanings. If you search the internet with keywords Tasseography, Tea Leaf Reading, and Coffe Readings will offer some nice interpretations. After the some pracitce you will activate your Thir Eye by unfocused sight and you will develop your own list of meanings. Story is the same like at my web page for Dreams Interpretation ( ). After you have identified the symbols, you notice if they are inverted or incomplete, which will modify your interpretation. And you'll need to consider the overall pattern of the cup. Many tea leaves left in a cup means a full or busy life, while fewer means a simpler or more empty life. Any larger image is more important than a smaller one. Images closer to the rim are about to happen, while those deeper down toward the base are going to take place, but they will take time. Pay attention to anything lurking in the very bottom of the cup; that could be some area of your life that needs special attention. I'd also suggest that if you are reading for someone other than yourself, that you politely ask them what the symbol might mean to them. And always offer the most uplifting interpretations that may occur to you.

Love and Fun to You


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