Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Nurse Practitioner Certification Review is designed for Nurse Practitioners applying Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Nurse Practitioner Certification (PMHNP-BC) board certification. The curriculum for this board certification review is prepared and implemented in accordance with latest guidelines from American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC).

* For Individual students

The review course focuses on refreshing important topics for the exams. The review is not a means for learning new topics and content. Expert panel of physicians and Advance Practice Providers who develop the curriculum give special attention for promoting test taking strategies. Analysis of exam performance given to individual students will detail the individual student’s performance on each category of questions, time management and other helpful feedback. The students also get feedback on how the individual performance match up with the rest of the students in the class on each content area. Subscriptions are active for one year from the enrollment and therefore students can proceed at their own pace through the course without time pressure.

* For institutional subscribers

For institutional subscribers, designated instructor or administrator will get detailed report on individual student performance and how they compare with the rest of the class from respective institution. Instructors will also able to see how the group of students from their institution match up against the rest of the students in the course. The global view helps administrators to focus on improving specific deficiencies for students from respective institutions. Detailed statistical analysis of student performance on individual, collective and global perspective allow administrators to optimize resource allocation.

* Course pricing

$24.99 per Month

$99.00/ 6 month

$249.00/3 Years

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