Have you ever wanted to wear that glamorous but extremely short cocktail dress in the winter, however you always hesitate due to the chills running down your legs? There is a smooth and stylish solution to this problem – opaque stockings.

In particular, if you are conscious about your legs looking pasty during these dark winter days, wearing these stockings will balance out the tone of your legs, and add a natural and enhanced glow that you may be lacking at this time of the year. To be more creative and jazz up that perfect outfit, you can chose the 60 denier stockings and make a chic statement using varied shades such as grey, white or black, to bring out the beauty of your outfit or go more daring like Nicki Minaj or Rihanna would with brighter tones like purple or red to complement the perfect LBT or any other outfit that you think they would agree with.

If you are wondering what the significance is of the denier, the number signifies the level of thickness, which in turn can give us an idea of how opaque the stockings actually are. This is why we recommend the 60 denier stockings as a general measure for all, but it all depends on what statement you wish to make. If you want a sultrier and seductive look, you may prefer to wear them in black at a lower denier, such as 40. On the other hand, they can be worn when lounging around the house on an icy winter’s night in a long and comfortable jumper or t-shirt, in which case a higher denier, such as 80 may be a better choice.

From a style perspective, it is always important to choose the correct denier to avoid getting too hot or too cold, and also to portray the appropriate look that you are aiming for. For instance, if you plan on wearing the stockings indoors majority of the time, you may desire a lower denier to stay cool and remain comfortable. If you wish to wear the stockings to a party as advised earlier, you may be inclined to go for a lower denier in black or white to emphasize the opaque side, which is mysterious and playful, and teases the eye with the temptation that lies under. This is why generally 60 denier stockings are normally a good middle indication and an essential item to have so that they can go with most outfits. But it is up to you to verify the type of stockings you would need to be able to enhance your legs according to the look that you wish to portray, be it bold and flirtatious or graceful and classic.

The summertime would also bring great use for these tights, if you wish to put together an outfit more gracefully or are just generally conscious about revealing your legs suddenly after they have been hidden away for all these months. The black opaque stockings come in handy, as these can be used to bring out that blossoming floral print or vibrant summer patterned dress, with a Parisian-style balance of sultry class and sophistication. Teaming them up with some studded heels or chunky jewellery can add more flair and give you a swankier look. The more feminine choice would be to add some nude or pastel opaque stockings, but be careful to look for deniers of approximately 15 or below this time, to avoid getting flustered.

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