MedDocs publisher is an open access publisher which publishes various informative and scientific medical journals. These journals are basically peer reviewed and thus acts as platform for discussion and reviews for new innovation in the field of medical science. The basic aim of publishing such journals are to bring the whole medical fraternity in one platform where any new development in the medical field or any new scientific research in field of medicine can be peer reviewed by the team. MedDocs publishes various journals like the Anesthesia Journals, Biotechnology Journals, Bariatrics Journals, etc.
Annals of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine publishes open access and peer reviewed journals related to sedation, local anesthesia, epidural, vascular anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, spinal anesthesia, critical care, surgical anesthesia, general anesthesia and many more. Going through such medical journals will help the doctors and peers in measuring the right dose of anesthesia and attain the desired impact.
The Annals of Bariatrics and metabolic Surgery Journal publishes peer reviewed and open access journals on the developments and new findings in the area of bariatrics surgeries which alter the intestines, stomach or both for treating severe obesity. These surgeries reduce the normal size of the stomach so that the patient consumes less food.
The Annals of Biotechnology Journal is an open access journal and peer reviewed journal which contributes various research work and scientific advances in biotechnology. The main aim of this journal is to promote the knowledge of biotechnology and other related sciences. Biotechnology is nothing but an application of biological organisms that helps to improve the quality and value of organism, crops, pharmaceuticals and livestock.
Thus MedDocs is very helpful for those who want to acquire varied knowledge or share their acquired knowledge for peer reviews. As it publishes open access journal anyone who is interested can view it and gain some knowledge.
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