2 is Better Than 1
When Optoma debuted their Cinemax P1 in the fall of 2019 it was received with an enthusiasm we've rarely seen in the home theater industry.

Turn the calendar a year forward in what has truly been the most home-bound year in modern times and this initial enthusiasm has understandably evolved into a full-fledged passion for what is being viewed as a formidable movie theater replacement.

That brings us to today where Optoma is upping the ante on their beloved CinemaX P1 by introducing the new and improved CinemaX P2 Projector.

Even better still, the new improved model makes it introduction at a price $500 less than the older model its replacing.

optoma p2 projector
Less is More
What makes the P2 model better than the P1?

For starters, the P2 offers a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 versus the P1s 1,500,000:1. With the same 3,000 lumens output as it's predecessor, the increase in contrast means that the image maintains its brightness but with a 25% wider color spectrum.

One major change in design to the P2 is its color wheel. As both the P1 and and P2 use Digital Light Processing (DLP for short) to produce their image, they utilize a color wheel that spins rapidly to produce its final color display.

New technological developments have allowed Optoma to reduce the size of this color wheel from 8 segments to 6 segments. The new wheel omits the yellow section, and concentrates solely on red, green and blue. By reducing the size of the wheel by 25%, colors appear more vivid, natural and accurate. The P2 achieves this without any drop in brightness.

Another change in design is that the P2 is a white projector & soundbar, whereas the P1 was black. For those who still prefer black model, Optoma offers their flagship model – the CinemaX Pro. The P2's audio portion remains identical to the P1's exhibiting the acclaimed NuForce 40W Dolby Digital 2.0 soundbar with 2 full range speakers and 2 woofers.

When paired with the proper screen the P2 delivers a reference quality image up to 120 inches.

By "proper screen" we mean a screen that supports a true 4K image while also having built-in ultra-short-throw ambient light rejecting technology (USTALR for short). It is certainly our favorite ultra-short throw projector ever at its price!

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