Health in Autumn.
Autumn is a season of harvest and a season of health. In autumn, the temperature begins to decrease, the rainfall decreases, the humidity of the air relatively decreases, and the climate tends to be dry. The dry climate can easily damage the lung yin and cause lung discomfort, resulting in dry mouth, dry throat, dry cough and less sputum, dry skin, constipation and other symptoms.

The autumn wind rises, the autumn wind is dry, colds and troublesome autumn coughs also follow. Some people will keep coughing until the beginning of the second year, taking medicines and injections, but they will not work.

Therefore, the key to health in autumn is to prevent dryness, and it is necessary to prevent the fall cough that is difficult to heal. Orange peel Pu-erh is the best choice for you and your family to moisturize the lungs and reduce phlegm in the fall and prevent cough.

What is Orange peel Pu-erh?
Orange peel has been eating and medicine since the Song Dynasty. In medicine, tangerine peel has the effects of regulating qi, strengthening the stomach, moistening, and expectorant. It is often used to treat indigestion, relieve liver and qi, relieve phlegm and strengthen the spleen. In eating, Cantonese people have already used it for Cantonese cuisine seasoning, Among soups, stews, syrups, and porridges, they are used to remove fishy flavors and add flavor. In particular, Guangdong Xinhui Orange peel has a reputation of “Millennium Ginseng and Centennial Orange peel” and is one of the “Three Treasures of Guangdong”, which has become the business card of Haipai health culture.

Pu-erh tea, as a traditional beverage with magical colors, is an ancient and modern tea product in the history of Chinese tea. As a nemesis of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and obesity, it is loved and favored by many health care professionals, and many tea friends regard it as a daily health drink.

Orange peel Pu-erh Tea combines the unique fruity fragrance of Xinhui Orange peel and Yunnan Pu-erh's unique sweetness and smoothness. The two match for a unique flavor. Chen Xiang is full-bodied, refreshing, with a smooth mouth, and a sweet aftertaste.

Health benefits of Orange peel Pu-erh.
The combination of Orange peel and Pu-erh tea, both in appearance and in nature, is perfectly natural, which is a must.
Pu-erh cooked tea has the effects of warming the stomach, lowering blood sugar and blood lipids, anti-aging and anti-radiation, and protecting the cardiovascular system. It is accompanied by Xinhui Orange peel getting qi and spleen strengthened, stagnation, dryness and dampness, phlegm, liver and lung, and five organs. In addition, with the performance of Orange peel "when it rises, it rises when it falls," it has a significant health effect, which can be called a daily health drink.

Orange peel Pu-erh is not only tea, but also a health drink. This autumn, let Chenpi Pu accompany you, enjoy the moisture without fear of dryness, and have a healthy autumn.

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