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Explore the Jewel of Southeast Asia with a Halong Bay Cruise

Vietnam (10th April, 2015) -- Vietnam is often referred to as a sparkling jewel in the seas of Southeast Asia with beauty, culture, food and the friendliest people you'll ever meet. Visiting there will be a memorable event you will carry for a lifetime. The best way to see exactly what you want to see and do what you like, for that matter, is with a special travel agency -Origin Vietnam.

Enough cannot be said about this organization and its great staff of people who want to make your vacation seamless and fantastic. The tours around Vietnam - whether structured or designed by yourself and customized with Origin Vietnam's staff - are not to be missed, if you can make the trip, to experience what this beautiful land has to offer. You will want to experience the difference in culture, but you will realize how much we are all alike as you explore.

From caves to coves, islands to grottos, bays to baby beaches, Vietnam has something for everyone. There are four main vacations that are currently under the Vietnam umbrella - Classic, Beach, Family and Trekking. Origin Vietnam is also excited to announce the addition of their exciting new Halong Bay overnight cruises.

What about Trekking Ho Chi Minh Trail - a taste of Vietnam that winds through the Northeast segment. Or perhaps you would like to spend some days sitting on a beach in front of lapis lazuli colored water that can almost make you cry it is so beautiful. Or how about taking 19 days to experience the Amazing Vietnam in a way you haven't previously today. You can go on a Cambodia trek, showing wonderful beach views and crystal clear waters.

It is only the when contemplating all the layers of complexity that make up Vietnam where you could get a little overwhelmed. This is where the phenomenal staff at Origin Vietnam can help by chasing your vacation particulars. Take an adventure off road - see what the interior of Vietnam looks and feels like - be amongst the locals and enjoy their hospitality.

The wonderful staff at Origin Vietnam bends over backward to help you book, plan, and otherwise talk through what could be the best trip you'll ever make. They have insight into the background of the people you'll meet and they know how to give you historical information in a highly stylized manner. You won't feel like you just took a history class, but seeing what you will see and being able to hear the most interesting bits will help you understand this foreign culture most warmly.

The Origin Vietnam Travel Team will make sure they understand what you are looking for in your Vietnam tour, and will work to make it the best experience you've ever had.


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